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Technical Interview

Tips On How To Prepare For Your Technical Interview

"Homework" before your interview

If you are not already familiar with the following, and if they seem relevant to the position you are applying for, take some time to review and practice.

Re-familiarizing yourself with these will help with your communication through the hiring process, as well as prevent any roadblocks, and keep you focused on the tasks asked of you.

It is probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with the GitLab product. The following are recommended to get some hands-on experience before your interview:

Depending on the requirements of your position, review any relevant areas that you feel necessary. The following list has some good examples of what's out there.

Remember to stay calm and do your best! We appreciate that everyone gets the interview jitters and we are not here to be intimidating. Practice makes perfect, so try and set aside some time to practice/study to be as best prepared as you can be. If you get stuck along the way, try searching on the forum to see if you are able to find a solution to your troubles! Google can also be a great resource, which you are able to use even during your interview! Knowing how to find the answer is just as important as the knowledge you already have.