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Offer Packages

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Before an offer is created, ensure the approval should go through Greenhouse or BambooHR.

Offer Package in Greenhouse

Justification Section

This step is optional per each function.

Once it is determined that a candidate will be moving to the offer stage, the hiring manager will answer the following questions in the justification stage in the candidate's greenhouse profile:

Offer Package Creation

The hiring manager will work with the recruiter on the offer details and the recruiter will be responsible for submitting the official offer details through Greenhouse.

To create the offer package, move the candidate to the "Offer" stage in Greenhouse and select "Manage Offer." Input all required and relevant information, ensuring its correctness, and submit; then click Request Approval. Please note that any changes in compensation packages will result in needing re-approval from each approver.

Titles in the Offer Details

As we scale it is important to have some typical naming conventions when it comes to titles. Titles should follow this format: title, specialization, location. For example; Strategic Account Leader, DOD, Washington DC.

It is also important to recognize when a position is a manager of people compared to a manager of a product/function. If a manager of people the job title should be manager, department/division/specialization. For example; Manager, Recruiting. A product/function manager should be titled with Manager at the end of the title. For example; Marketing Program Manager. In some cases because of industry standards, this may not be possible; i.e. Area Sales Manager (ASM), should not be listed as Manager, Area Sales.

Other Offer Details

Counter Offer Details

Information in the offer package for counter offers should include the following in the "Approval Notes" section:

Offer Approval Flow

  1. The People Ops Analyst will receive an email notifying them of the offer.
    • The People Ops Analyst will ensure the compensation is in line with our compensation benchmarks.
    • Only one approval is needed in order to move forward.
    • If the hire is not in a low location factor area above 0.9, the e-group member responsible for the function and the CFO will be notified.
  2. Next, The People Business Partners will receive a notification to approve.
  3. Next, the executive of the division will then receive a notification to approve.

Final Offer Approval

On offers above Senior level, approval is needed from the Chief People Officer (CPO) or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), there is an #offers Slack channel where the requests should be added. The CEO or CPO should always be @mentioned for their approval. This Slack channel is private and only the recruiting team, CPO, CEO, and CFO have access to it. Please ensure your ping has:

  1. Name
  2. Position
  3. GreenHouse profile link
  4. For re-approvals clearly indicate what changed and why.

The CPO and CEO appreciate the thank you messages but they also have a hard time keeping up with Slack notifications. There is no need to say thanks, but if you do please add an emoji instead of sending a message.

If the role is for an individual contributor, the CPO or CEO do not need to approve. However, please post in the '#offers' channel with "Offer has been extended for [Candidate Name] for [Position]" and a link to the candidate's Greenhouse profile. You may request the removal of the CPO/CEO from the offer approval section with a @ mention to a recruiting manager in GreenHouse or a ping in Slack.

Communicating the Offer

Once the offer package has been approved by the approval chain, the verbal offer will be given, which will be followed by an official contract, which is sent through Greenhouse.

Offers made to new team members should be documented in Greenhouse through the notes thread between the person authorized to make the offer and the Candidate Experience Specialist.