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Talent Acquisition Alignment

Search Team Alignment by Department

Department Recruiter Sourcer  
Executive Rich Kahn Chriz Cruz  
Enterprise Sales, NA Jonathan Edwards Susan Hill  
Enterprise Sales, EMEA Debbie Harris Kanwal Matharu  
Enterprise Sales, APAC Debbie Harris Kanwal Matharu  
Commercial Sales, AMER Marcus Carter Susan Hill  
Commercial Sales, EMEA/APAC Ben Cowdry Susan Hill  
Channel Sales, Global Debbie Harris Kanwal Matharu  
Field Operations, Global Joanna Muttiah Loredana Iluca  
Customer Success, Global Joanna Muttiah Loredana Iluca  
Marketing, Global Steph Sarff Alina Moise  
Marketing, SDR Global Amy Anderson Amy Anderson  
G&A, Finance, People, CEO Maria Gore Alina Moise  
G&A, Accounting, Legal Rachelle Druffel Alina Moise  
Development Mark Deubel Zsuzsanna Kovacs  
Quality Rupert Douglas Zsuzsanna Kovacs  
UX Rupert Douglas Zsuzsanna Kovacs  
Support Joanna Michniewicz Joanna Michniewicz  
Security Rupert Douglas Zsuzsanna Kovacs  
Incubation Rupert Douglas Zsuzsanna Kovacs  
Infrastructure Matt Allen Chris Cruz  
Product Management Matt Allen Chris Cruz  

The Candidate Experience Specialist team operates off of a queue style system utilizing a GitLab Service Desk.

Talent Acquisition Platform Directly Responsible Individual

Platform Responsibility DRI
Comparably Admin Devin Rogozinski/Marissa Ferber
Comparably Content Management Devin Rogozinski
Comparably Reporting Marissa Ferber
Glassdoor Admin Devin Rogozinski
Glassdoor Responding to Reviews Devin Rogozinski
Glassdoor Content Management Devin Rogozinski
Glassdoor Reporting Marissa Ferber
LinkedIn Admin - Recruiter Marissa Ferber
LinkedIn Seats Marissa Ferber
LinkedIn Media - General Marketing
LinkedIn Media - Talent Acquisition Devin Rogozinski
LinkedIn Content Management Marketing
LinkedIn Content Management - Life at GitLab Devin Rogozinski
New Platform(s) Requests @domain
Recruitment Marketing Requests @domain
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