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GitLab Recruiting Process Framework

Recruiting Process Framework

Purpose: The Recruiting Process Framework was established to provide guidance on the recruiting process for the recruiting team, hiring manager, and hiring team to efficiently hire top talent and create a positive candidate experience.

Variations: It’s understood that variations to the process may occur given particular situations that make sense to a specified hiring team or need.

The communicated Recruiting Process Framework specifically focuses on candidates who are moving forward. It is understood that candidates who will be declined will be done so in a timely and respectful manner.

Full Process

Diagram of full recruiting process framework

Hiring Manager (HM) Recruiter (R) Sourcer (S) Coordinator (C)
Step 1/HM: Identifying hiring need      
  Step 2/R: Create vacancy in Greenhouse    
  Step 3/R: Post vacancy, check details    
  Step 4/R: Identify sourcing needs    
  Step 5/R: Schedule intake    
  Step 6/R: Complete intake    
  Step 7/R: Find top talent, schedule screens Step 8/S: Source top talent, schedule screens  
  Step 9/R: Send assessment, if applicable    
  Step 10/R: Schedule top talent with hiring manager   Step 11/C: Schedule first interview
Step 12/HM: Complete feedback in Greenhouse/next steps Step 13/R: Team interviews   Step 14/C: Schedule team interviews
Step 15/HM: Hiring team to complete feedback in Greenhouse Step 16/R: Host interview team debrief if applicable    
  Step 17/R: Connect with hiring manager on next steps    
  Step 18/R: Request references    
Step 19/HM: Complete references     Step 20/C: Initiate background check
  Step 21/R: Submit offer    
  Step 22/R: Verbalize offer   Step 23/C: Send contract