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Recruiting Process - Sourcer Tasks

Recruiting Process Framework - Sourcer Tasks

Step 8/S: Source top talent, schedule screens

The purpose of sourcing is to generate a large list of qualified potential candidates. From this list, Recruiting will solicit interest, and we hope to increase the number of qualified candidates in our pipeline.

Step 8.1: Recruiter: Ask for Sourcing Support

The Recruiter/Recruiting Manager/Hiring Leader can request sourcing support for a particular role. If so, they will reach out to the Sourcing Manager and the Sourcer aligned to the team/location of the vacancy to request sourcing. Please refer to the Recruiting Alingmnent page for further details.

Step 8.2: Recruiter: Schedule and complete Intake

As a common practice, the Recruiter will schedule an intake call. Sourcer should come prepared for the intake session with insights and required questions to serve as a talent advisor. For example:

Refer to Step 5/R: Schedule intake and Step 6/R: Complete Intake in recruiting framework for detailed information on how to schedule and complete intake.

To stay up to date, Sourcer should have regular check-ins with the Recruiter and Hiring Manger.

Step 8.3: Sourcer: Source candidates

Sourcer uses multiple tools to source candidates with LinkedIn being the most used and efficient. Ensure you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account and your ContactOut (email finder plugin) is installed.

For additional details/information refer to our Sourcing Handbook page.

Step 8.4: Sourcer: Reach Out

Sourcers are responsible for reaching out to candidates. They can use our reach out templates or create their own messaging for reaching out to candidates.

Step 8.5: Sourcer: Add to Greenhouse

Greenhouse is the only source of truth. Ensure your LinkedIn account is connected to Greenhouse to export candidates in one click as prospects (instructions). All approached candidates should be added in Greenhouse as a prospect.

Step 8.6: Sourcer: Use Greenhouse for tracking your prospects

We recommend to Sourcers to use the Follow button to get timely updates on candidate's status. As per the interview process, schedule the candidates for next steps (leave a note in Greenhouse to recruiter and CES team member with an update). For Example:-