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Referral Process


If you know someone who would be a great addition to the GitLab team, please submit them as a Referral. If they're successfully hired and all Referral criteria is met, you'll receive a Referral Bonus!

While the Referral program is fairly straight-forward, there are several nuances to be mindful of. Please take a moment to review the program rules and eligibility outlined below.

Defining a Referral

While "sourcing" and "referring" are similar activities, there are distinctions based on their respective familiarity and confidence in regards to the prospective candidate.

A Referral is:

What a Referral is not:

Referral Bonus Eligibility

All GitLab team members are eligible for the Referral Bonus, except in the following circumstance:

Submitting a Referral

All GitLab Team Members can submit a referral directly from their Greenhouse dashboard. Here's how to do that:

  1. Click the "+" button, then "Add a Referral."
    • To note, you don't need to select an "Office," as this will limit the vacancies you're able to select.
  2. Complete the required fields on the Referral In-Take Form.
    • Please provide context as to why you're referring the candidate (i.e. why would they be great addition to the GitLab team?).
  3. If you don't have their resume, please include a link to their LinkedIn profile.

Referral Statuses

You can stay up-to-date on the status of your referral(s) in the My Referrals section of your Greenhouse dashboard. If you have any questions regarding your referral, please sent an email to the referrals@domain. Please note that the Recruiting Team is unable to provide candidate-specific feedback to Referrers (i.e you); only to the Candidate themselves. You can expect Referrals to be reviewed by the Hiring Team within 10-days of their submission.

Although we place special emphasis on Referrals, we treat Referral interviews the same as we do non-Referrals. Referral interviews should not be more or less demanding than any other interview.

To prevent wrongful hires, Referrers need to keep their bar high. Interviewers and Hiring Managers should avoid bias based on the Referrer's status. There should be no favoritism based on previous experience working with a Referral after the candidate is hired.

Referral Bonus Payout

For details regarding the Referral Bonus Payout, please visit this page.

Common Referral Situations

Other scenarios to be mindful of:

For any additional questions, please email referrals@domain.

How to Respond to Referral Update Requests

The Recruiting team utilizes GitLab Service Desk to track incoming emails to the referral@domain email.

Under this Referral Service Desk Project set up the proper notifications

  1. On the left-side menu bar click Issues
    • This is where all our incoming referral@ emails will create an issue. You'll get an alert when someone sends an email to the referral@ email. Any "emails" that need to be addressed will be an open issue listed within this project.
  2. Click on the new Issue
  3. Assign it to yourself on the right-side toolbar
  4. Read the Issue message
  5. Add the appropriate label
  6. Look up the candidate in Greenhouse if applicable.
  7. Include the GreenHouse profile link in the comment.
  8. Respond to the "email" by adding comments to the issue (be sure to enter comments as you would an email to team member asking for the update, they see all communication on the issues). Example responses:
    • Dear x, thank you for reaching out for an update on your referral. Per our SLA please make sure you give us 10 days to review the submission. @recruiter's name is responsible for this role and will provide the candidate with an update soon. (insert Greenhouse link)
    • Thank you for the referral. @recruiter's name is responsible for this role and will provide you an update soon. (insert Greenhouse link)
  9. Be sure to at mention the recruiter on the req so they are aware an update is being requested.
  10. If this one comment address the entire message add a comment and close the issue. If the one comment does not address the entire message then only select comment.
  11. The Recruiter would reassign the issue to themselves once they pickup the communication and add any applicable labels.
  12. The assignee should close the issue when communication is complete.