Production Architecture

Our core infrastructure is currently hosted on several cloud providers, all with different functions. This document does not cover servers that are not integral to the public facing operations of

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Diagram of the Architecture

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The main portion of is hosted on Microsoft Azure. We have the following servers there.

Note that these numbers can fluctuate to adapt to the platform needs.

We also use availability sets to ensure that a minimum number of servers in each group are available at any given time. This ensures that Azure will not reboot all instances in the same availability set at the same time for anything that is planned.

All our servers run the latest Ubuntu LTS unless there is a specific need to do otherwise. Every server is configured with a fully fledged set of firewall rules for increased security.

Load Balancers

We utilize Azure load balancers in front of our HAProxy nodes. This allows us to leverage on the Azure infrastructure for HA as well as taking advantage of the power of HAProxy.

Additionally, we utilize an Azure load balancer to manage PostgreSQL failovers.

Service nodes

Different services have different resource utilization patterns so we use a variety of instance types across our service nodes that are consistent for each group. We have recently isolated traffic by type on dedicated pools of nodes. We hope you noticed the performance improvement.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean houses several servers that do not need to directly interact with our main infrastructure. There are many of these that do a variety of things, however not all will be listed here.

The primary things on Digital Ocean at this time are:


We host our DNS with route53 and we have several EC2 instances for various purposes. The servers you will interact with most are listed Below

Google Cloud

We are currently investigating Google Cloud.


See how it's doing, for more information on that, visit the monitoring handbook.

Technology at GitLab

We use a lot of cool (but boring) technologies here at GitLab. Below is a non-exhaustive list of tech we use here.