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Article Title

SOP - Standard operating process/procedure


Intent of document

Provide a general overview of the tool, product, or what is being covered in this article. Include the scope of support and expectations.

Acronyms & Terminology

break up the SOP into sections – install, location of info, how to use, best practice

Provide definitions for acronyms or common terms that may not be familiar to everyone. Include common search terms and phrases that may be used when looking for more information on this topic. You can use this as another section if you do not need an terminology section. (how to use, process section, common practices that you would like to capture and share with other team members.


Provide the problem or issue with the steps required to provide a solution. Include relevant screenshots, best practices, and tips. Include the escalation criteria, point of contact, and escalation procedures when troubleshooting has been exhausted.


Add any frequently asked questions and answers below.

Sample question 1

Sample answer 1

Sample question 2

Sample answer 2

Additional Information

This space is optional for any other details that are helpful to include.

Need Additional Help?

Area for more info

More Info

Metadata Use this section to add common search terms for guidance. (add searchable metadata)

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