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Book clubs

On this page

From time to time, we run internal book clubs on a book from our leadership page. To propose a new book club, create an issue in the book clubs project.

High Output Management

Recorded parts of meetings are available in the YouTube playlist:

Crucial Conversations

This book club was internal-only, intended specifically for engineering managers.

Suggestions on running a book club

  1. If possible, find a partner. Having two people run the book club has a number of advantages:
    1. Reduced pressure and workload.
    2. Lower chance of needing to reschedule to to illness or other emergency.
    3. Meetings start as a conversation, not a monologue.
  2. Add the book's title to the handbook if it isn't already listed.
  3. Record the meetings and post them to YouTube. If the participants agree, make the videos public.
  4. Set the expected reading schedule for the entire book before starting, so people know what level of reading is required.
  5. Create an agenda for each session seeded with interesting quotes and concepts from the relevant section of the book.
  6. Once the book club is done, seek feedback and update this handbook page!