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If you need to request legal services, such as third party license review or legal advice/guidance, please check the legal processes section of this page to see if your need is already addressed. If not, submit your request by sending an email. This will send your request through the Legal private issue tracker. Through the Legal private issue tracker, you will be updated regarding the status of your request through the Service Desk feature.

Please be sure to include sufficient detail regarding your request, including time-sensitive deadlines, relevant documents, and background information necessary to respond.

The Executive Team will have full access to the Legal issue tracker.

Feel free to use the #legal chat channel in Slack for general legal questions that don't seem appropriate for the issue tracker or internal email correspondence. Slack is not to be used for anything that is considered confidential or seeking legal advice.

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If a customer requests to edit our standard Subscription or Services Agreements, please follow the process outlined in the Sales Handbook.

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