Legal Process for Customer Negotiations

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Legal will follow the below workflow within Salesforce through the process of contract negotiations once Sales has notified them.

Generate Contract

  1. Press “Select Clause Bundle”
  2. Choose applicable bundle (Subscription or Service)
  3. Select “Save”
  4. When returned to the newly created contract record, press “Generate Contracts” button
  5. Select applicable contract type
  6. Press “Merge and Download” (Note: A local copy of the template will be created but it will be automatically saved to the Contract Object so there is no need to save this file)

Send Contract for Negotiations

  1. On the contract record, press the “Select Primary Document” button
  2. Choose the Primary Document (This will be the original sent out for negotiation) and press “Save”
  3. Press the “Send for Negotiation” button
  4. Fill in Recipient information provided by Sales to send out document

Finalize the Contract Record and Notify the Salesperson

  1. Make sure that the final, negotiated contract is in the contract record. (If any negotiations have happened outside of SalesForce/Conga, upload the final, agreed-upon version to the contract record as a new version of the contract.)
  2. Change the Contract Status to “Approved to Sign”.
  3. Send a chatter message to the Sales account owner for signature.