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Rashmi Chachra's README

Rashmi's README

This page, like me, is a WIP. I'm practicing our value of 👣 iteration. I welcome all feedback! Click here to see my LinkedIn.

Rashmi Pronunciation Hint

A pronunciation hint for Rashmi: It’s like when I try to hurry you along and you say: Rush me don’t rush me. Easier than it looks, right?

My Job

My job is to work with teams across the GitLab landscape on corporate and securities topics. That means I work on, among other matters: (a) acquisitions the company may desire to make; (b) matters related to the company’s stock; (c) external and internal communications; and (d) strategic projects. I also work on corporate governance matters which means that I work with GitLab’s Board of Directors and matters related to GitLab’s direct and indirect subsidiaries.

How I Work

I very much enjoy working collaboratively with all of our amazing Team Members and work closely with our Finance, Tax and Investor Relation teams. I find that when you bring a diverse group of awesome team members together, awesome ideas are born. Everyone has a unique perspective and I value each one of them.

The Best Ways to Communicate With Me

The absolute fastest and best way to contact me is through Slack. If you would like to set up a Zoom meeting, my calendar is viewable to anyone at GitLab and everyone is welcome to grab a free slot on my calendar without asking. If it is a coffee chat, we don't need an agenda. I love talking about all things cooking and traveling. I have been accused of being a workaholic by my family and I am trying to change that so I generally try not to work on the weekends.

Random Facts About Me

  1. Mom of two boys that are 10 years apart in age. They are my heart.
  2. I’ve lived in 2 countries, 5 states in the US and the District of Columbia.
  3. I LOVE to travel and I LOVE to see the world through my kids’ eyes. Amazing what they see and what we take for granted.
  4. I have a seriously large extended family (over 50 first cousins).
  5. I really enjoy (most of) the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. My husband is an avid fan and I have seen every one of the movies, the series, and many of the spin-offs. Spock is my all time favorite sci-fi character.

What I Do Fairly Well

  1. Listening: Try me! Whether you need a sounding board, a sanity check or maybe some advice, I will hear you out.
  2. Collaborating: I love collaborating across all teams. What a great group of Team Members we have! Each one brings something unique to the table and in the end we have a better product.
  3. Being Patient: I have been often told that I have a lot of patience. I think it goes hand and hand with being a good listener.
  4. Cooking: I dabble in all sorts of cuisine. I prefer eating but I have been known to whip up a good meal too.

What I Can Do Better

  1. Technology: This is my first job with a technology company. I know the basics but I have a lot to learn and am enjoying learning something new every day!
  2. Advocating For Myself: I sometimes struggle with talking about myself. This readme is really hard for me! I can be a great advocate for others but not so great for myself.
  3. Being Too Literal: I am on occasion too literal. I need to be more effective at reading through the lines.
  4. Taking Breaks: I can sit in my chair and work for many hours straight. It's not healthy and I have to build in time to get up and walk around (at least).

Favorite Restaurants

I love to eat. ANYWHERE with great food works for me. Good food with a good view goes to the top of the list!

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