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Robyn Hartough's README

About Me & My Role

I’ve been an Executive Assistant since I was 20 years old. I was the youngest person hired in an executive support capacity at what was then one of the world’s largest investment banks (Credit Suisse First Boston). Even then, I described my role the same way I do now: To facilitate and amplify the efforts of my executive counterpart to further the business objectives of the organization at large. Of course, I’ve added a lot of things to that description since then - to do so with kindness and a smile, to be a waymaker who always finds the path to yes, to function as a strategic thought partner and project manager - but those fundamentals of facilitation and amplification remain the same these 20 years later. In a review given by one of my favorite past CEOs, he called me a, “creative, scrappy problem solver and force multiplier!” I’d like to think that’s a fairly apt summation of what I do, if not at least of what I try to do.

Communicating With Me

Please @ mention me in the appropriate channel in Slack. If you’re unsure as to which one is best, a DM is okay or you can start with #eba-team! I do my best to respond in a timely fashion but if I’m deep in a workflow fueled by cranked up classical music then please feel free to text me at 408-439-1742. I am a big GIF fan so that’s always a great way to grab my attention.


  1. I’m unafraid of a challenge. If it can be done, I can do it (within reason - I don’t expect I’ll beat Usain Bolt anytime soon). In fact, I like learning new things!
  2. I’m empathetic and proudly so. I am comfortable with emotion and deeply value authenticity, vulnerability, and connection. I pride myself on earnestly trying to put the shoe on the other foot, giving benefits of any doubts, and being a resource for people in need. If you ever need support, a shoulder or even just an ear, I’m your huckleberry.
  3. Communication. I am comfortable having whatever conversations need to be had, leading with kindness and tact, and adjusting to my audience accordingly. Likewise, I can take and appreciate feedback.

Areas of Improvement

  1. Letting perfect be the enemy of good. Letting imposter syndrome give way to paralysis by overanalysis. The corollary to which is that to make up for so much wasted time overthinking and doubting myself I sometimes move too quickly. So, my area of primary improvement can essentially be summed up as: balance. And remembering to breathe. With maybe a dash of learning to give myself some grace.
  2. I speak very quickly. Please just let me know if you need me to slow down.
  3. Other than what I’ve listed, I only have about a thousand other things that could be better, give or take. ;-) I’m always looking to learn new ways to hack myself, so to speak, and level-up as a human!

Random Facts:

  1. When I was 19 I opened for Sir Mix-a-Lot with my band, Soul Essential.
  2. I don’t eat any fruits or vegetables.
  3. When I was 18, my former bandmate and I sang the National Anthem at Candlestick Park for a San Francisco Giants baseball game for a crowd of 40,000+.
  4. After graduating from Catholic high school, I shaved my head and pierced my face. I still have that piercing.
  5. I went to high school with my husband. We went on one date but didn’t get serious until we reconnected later in life.
  6. I am at once and forever enamored with and disarmed by linguistic expression - quotes, poems, essays, short stories, books, and song lyrics - and music as a whole. Please send me all the things! Or set up a coffee chat so we can swoon and wax poetic.
  7. My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is snuggle with my son, Knox. He is my life’s greatest achievement; the clarity of purpose he has given me is the only peace my neurotic soul has known.
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