Community Writers Program

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Get paid to write for GitLab

We want to publish you! Earn up to $200 per article writing for the GitLab blog.

Are you great at solving challenging problems or explaining complex ideas? Do you have a specific area of expertise and want to share your knowledge? Help us expand our range of tutorials and advice about creating, collaborating, and deploying with Git and GitLab. You don't have to be an experienced writer, we will work with you to revise, refine, and publish your post to share with our community.

How It Works

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Start writing
  3. Get paid

All of GitLab's blog posts begin as an issue in the GitLab blog post project. To become a community author, all you have to do is assign yourself to an open issue labeled "community post" and "up-for-grabs," write a quick introduction in the comments section explaining why you want to write the post, and ping @erica.

If you don't see a topic that interests you, you can propose a new topic by creating a new issue and following the instructions above. Once approved, start writing!

Get Paid

  Issues labeled TOP PRIORITY, will be compenstated at USD 200 regardless of length.

When your post gets published, send us an invoice. GitLab will pay you in American Dollars (USD) from a bank account in the USA, via wired transfer to your bank account.