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Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing Campaigns

The goal of GitLab marketing campaigns is to strategically land a cohesive message to a target audience across a variety of channels and offers dependent on the goals of the campaign. Content types include a combination of blog posts, webinars, whitepapers, reports, videos, case studies, and more.

Marketing Program Managers are responsible for the strategizing of campaigns and organizing timelines and DRIs for deliverables to execute on the campaigns. In Salesforce, marketing campaigns are set up with the same name as the campaign tags determined in the original finance issue, noted in the 4Q rolling budget documents, and used in other systems - notably NetSuite and Expensify. This allows us to have a unique name (limited to 31 characters) that can be used for budget to actual reconciliations. These Salesforce campaigns are currently organized as a parent campaign and campaign tactics are tracked as child campaigns. A campaign tactic will have a Type and Type Detail to identify the category of effort for the purpose of identifying what types of marketing investment are most efficient in terms of the ratio between customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (LTV).

In an effort to continually improve our ability to derive success of campaigns, reporting is a focus using Bizible data in Periscope. Issue here for more information on progress

Questions? Please feel free to ask in the #marketing_programs slack channel or ask in the #marketing slack channel and tag @marketing-programs.

Active Marketing Campaigns

📌 Increase operational efficiencies

MPM Owner: Jenny Tiemann

📌 Deliver better products faster

MPM Owner: Zac Badgley

📌 Reduce security and compliance risk

MPM Owner: Jackie Gragnola

📌 CI Build & Test Auto

MPM Owner: Agnes Oetama

📌 Competitive campaign

MPM Owner: Agnes Oetama


Past Marketing Campaigns

Just Commit

New Ideas for Marketing Campaigns or Events

Note: The Marketing Team owns content on marketing pages; do not change content or design of these pages without consulting the Manager, Digital Marketing Programs. Marketing will request help from product/UX when we need it, and work with them to ensure the timeline is reasonable.