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Community Relations

Our mission

At GitLab, our mission it to change all creative work from read-only to read-write so that everyone can contribute.

The Community Relations team supports this mission by working with our community to ensure they receive support and recognition for contributing to GitLab. Contributing to GitLab can include blog posts, code, documentation, discussions on forums/social media, meetups, presentations, translations, UX design, and more. We also support educational institutions and open source projects to host their work on GitLab.

How we work

Our issue tracker:

Our handbooks:

Our guidelines:

Our calendar:

Who we are

Person Role
David Planella Director of Community Relations
Borivoje 'Bora' Tasovac Junior Community Advocate
Ray Paik Code Contributor Program Manager
John Coghlan Senior Evangelist Program Manager
Emily Cook Senior Community Advocate
Christina Hupy, PhD Senior Education Program Manager
Nuritzi Sanchez Senior Open Source Program Manager
Annie Huang Community Advocate
Samantha Lee Community Advocate
Lindsay Olson Senior Community Advocate

Where to find us

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