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Code Contributor Program

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Use the following template to create an issue in the Contributor Program group about 5 weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Prior to the Hackathon

Hackathon minus 4 weeks

  1. Publish a blog post to announce the event (incl. prizes).
  2. Promote the event & the blog post on social channels.
    1. Gitter
    2. Forum
    3. Reddit
    4. Twitter
  3. Add the new event to the GitLab Hackathon page.
  4. Add the new Hackathon to the GitLab events page as a "featured" event.
  5. Add/update the Hackathon banner on the Contribute page.

Hackathon minus 2-3 weeks

  1. Line-up topics and speakers for tutorial sessions.
  2. Update the GitLab Hackathon page with event details such as tutorial sessions.
  3. Post reminders on social channels.

Hackathon minus 1 week

  1. Post reminders on Slack channels (e.g. #core, #mr-coaching).
  2. Create an issue to track MR's during the event. An example from Q4'18
  3. Update social channels highlighting event logistics including schedule, logistics, etc.

During the Hackathon

  1. Announce the event kickoff on social channels.
  2. Post recorded tutorial sessions on YouTube.
  3. MR's
    1. Add the submitted MR's to the issue create above to track MR's.
    2. Triage the MR's by applying labels and mentioning appropriate product managers/groups for the MR.
  4. Throughout the event, monitor Gitter and other channels for questions/discussions. If necessary escalate any questions to other GitLab team-members (e.g. #mr-coaching on Slack).
  5. At the end of Day 1, post a wrap-up tweet with accomplishments highlighted.
  6. At the end of the event, post an event wrap-up tweet and thank the community.

After the Hackathon

  1. Post an event wrap-up on social channels.
  2. Post a thank you message on #thanks Slack channel.
  3. Remove the event as a "featured" event in the events page
  4. Delete/update the Hackathon banner on the Contribute page.
  5. Give a remider to the community on the deadline for merged MR's and who they can contact if they need any assistance with MR's.
  6. Open an issue to annouce the prize winners and list their GitLab ID's only (no email addresses due to privacy concerns). If any of the winners want to provide a different email address (vs. what is in the commit), they can open a Service Desk issue so they can provide their emails confidentially. An example from Q3'18
  7. Post a wrap-up blog post (incl. prize winners).
  8. Update the GitLab Hackathon page with links to prize winners and the wrap-up blog post.