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Code of Conduct Enforcement


The Community Advocates team will contribute to enforce the GitLab Code of Conduct on, to ensure we keep a positive, welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone to contribute.

At this point, the Advocates team will engage in moderation if there is a discussion (generally on an issue or on a Merge Request) that requires urgent or a significant volume of moderation.

Moderation process


As a further refinement, the e-mails sent to will be added to the Community Advocates' Zendesk instance on the next iteration of this process.


Please use these templates to replace public comments that violate the CoC.

Thread on confidential moderation issue

You can use this template to move over the original public comment's content to the private issue opened for moderation.<project>/issues/<issue number>#note_239807447


> (username's original comment)

Clear CoC violation

Use this template where the comment is a CoC violation

*This comment has been removed for violating the following rule in our [GitLab Code of Conduct](, which is against Rule 3 in our [Terms of Service](*

> Trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks.

*Continuing to disregard our Code of Conduct will result in a ban of this account. For more information, please reach out to [](*

Needs review

Use this template where the comment needs further discussion to understand whether it is a CoC violation. You can discuss it with the other Advocates and ultimately decide whether the comment needs to be moderated or moved back to the original location.

Under Review
*This comment is currently under review for potential violation of the [GitLab Code of Conduct](* 

*For more information, please reach out to [](*