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E-mail response workflow



Respond to e-mails sent to our community@, education@, opensource@, merch@ addresses. Deprecated e-mail aliases: movingtogitlab@, You might still receive occasional e-mails from those addresses. If you do, please reply from the appropriate active e-mail address from within Zendesk.

Please ensure that all e-mail traffic happens within Zendesk. This enables any advocates to collaborate on tickets, to bring visibility on conversations, and to make our response time metrics more accurate.

Best practices

Setting up aliases

If, for some reason you absolutely need to use your own e-mail account to reply to a request otherwise tracked as a Zendesk ticket, please set up and use e-mail aliases as instructed on this video. This will make the conversation to be managed as a ticket in Zendesk, as opposed to privately on your personal inbox:

Using templates

Using signatures