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Description of the workflows when handling Gold/Ultimate license requests for the Education or Open Source initiatives.


Education channel workflow

Step by step

  1. All data submitted through forms on our website land on Salesforce
    • as Lead object for new users
      • Make sure that we didn't already approve a free license for that Company, and that Billing Address is entered correctly
      • Convert Lead to Opportunity
        • Opportunity name - CompanyName-NumberOfUsers Product Source [w/ Support] (e.g. ABC University-100 Ultimate EDU or ABC University-100 Ultimate EDU w/ Support)
        • Account Name - Attach to Existing if possible, or Create New Account if not
        • Turn off the Reminder
    • or as an addition to the existing Contact object for existing users
      • Click on 'New Opportunity' and follow the same steps as for leads
        • Initial Source - EDU/OSS
        • Close date - Today
        • Stage - '00-Pre Opportunity'
  2. Select the newly created Opportunity and create a new Quote
    • Select New Billing Account (only for the existing users)
    • Quote Template - Ultimate or Gold Free (EDU and OSS)
    • Sold to and Bill to Contacts are the Primary Contact
    • Start Date - Today
    • Turn off Auto Renew and click Next
    • Add base product - select Ultimate or Gold for EDU/OSS with or without support and click Save
    • Quantity - enter the number of users and click Submit
  3. Generate PDF
  4. Send the Quote for signing
    • Click Sertifi eSign
    • Use an adequate Sertifi eSign email template and click Next
    • Select the newly created PDF and verify it is rendered properly with Preview
    • Send the Quote for Signature and click Return
  5. Hover over opportunity link and click Edit
    • Type - New Business
    • Close date - Today
    • Stage - 6-Awaiting Signature

After the quote is signed you need to close the opportunity.

Additional steps for OSS program:

Best practices

Customers portal

It can be used for:


Changing EDU/OSS terms

  1. Send a legal request to and wait for approval
  2. Navigate to Quote, generate Word, modify it (amend new terms at the bottom of the quote) and export as pdf
  3. Navigate to Oportunity, hover over Notes & Attachments and click Attach File
    • Choose the updated pdf, click Attach File and then click Done
  4. Once the quote is approved, the EULA will automatically be sent to the user, but it won't reflect the changes that were proposed
    • Override the EULA acceptance by manually entering today's date in customers portal
    • This won't trigger the LicenseApp to send the license key, so ping Ruben to send it manually

Creating an amendment for the existing subscriptions (adding more seats)

  1. Navigate to the original New Business (Closed Won) Opportunity and click New Add On Opportunity
    • Opportunity name - CompanyName-Add [Quantity] [Product] (e.g. Oxford University- Add 25 Ultimate)
    • Update: Initial Source to EDU/OSS, Close date to Today and Stage to '00-Pre Opportunity'
  2. Select newly created Opportunity and create a new Quote
    • Update: Select Billing Account to existing billing account and Choose Quote Type to ammend existing subscription for this billing account and click Next
    • Click Next again (you can change signer if needed)
    • Click on + Add Products, select Ultimate or Gold and click Save
    • Adjust the Quantity to however NEW users they want to add
    • Find where the old product purchase is listed, click downward arrow and click Remove and then Submit
  3. Generate pdf or Word document and proceed as usual

Once the the quote is singed and approved, the LicenseApp will provision a new key for the increased number of users

Refund process


Response templates

Authenticating Gold groups

Information for Gold Upgrades: Groups must follow these instructions to authenticate.

Your subscription has been uploaded and you may follow these instructions to authenticate your groups:

1. Please visit to reset your account password
2. After logging in, please access the "Subscriptions" menu
3. You'll be able to click on "Edit" over a subscription
4. You'll be redirected to for OAuth login
5. At this point, you need to make sure you're logging in using the account you want to license on
6. Please select the Group you want to license then click onto "Update"

Please let me know if you have any questions, always happy to help.


Sertifi eSign


We’re excited to tell you that your application for the GitLab (EDU or OSS) program has been approved and processed.

We’re sending you a quote that you need to sign after which you’ll have to accept our EULA. Upon acceptance, you’ll get the license key delivered to you via mail (for Ultimate), or further instructions on how to authenticate your groups (for Gold).


Education Applications rejection


Thanks for applying to GitLab’s EDU program.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t accept your application. Please refer to the eligibility requirements listed at

A common reason for rejection is students applying on behalf of their University. We’re only able to accept applications submitted by University staff, as part of the process is signing a legal document on behalf of the University.

Another common reason is duplicate applications. We’re only able to accept one application per University. This isn’t to discriminate against smaller independent groups at universities, but rather to prevent the program from growing into unmaintainability.



TBD: this needs to be explained in more detail

Application form -> Marketo -> Salesforce -> Zendesk