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Forum response workflow

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New posts to the GitLab forum are brought in to Zendesk and #gitlab-forum on Slack

Best practices


Follow the relevant workflow depending on the question:

graph TD A((Non-support)) --> B B(Account) --> |Sales/Renewal| E[ping #sales] B --> |Other|F(Have they opened a support ticket?) F --> |Yes, using| G[ping #support_gitlab-com] F --> |Yes, self-managed| H[ping #support_self-managed] F --> |No| I[Direct them to] A --> J(GitLab vs Competitor) J --> |Question|K[Find answer via devops tools page/blog and link] J --> |Discussion|L[Link on #competition] A --> M(Feature Proposal) M --> |Already exists|N[Link to the open issue] M --> |Doesn't exist|O[Ask them to open an issue]
graph TD A((Support)) --> B(What level of GitLab are they on?) B --> |Not free|C(Have they opened a support ticket?) C -->|No| E[Link them to the support portal] C -->|Yes| F(Have they provided the ticket number?) F --> |No|R(Ask them for the ticket number) R --> F F --> |Yes|G(Self-hosted or .com?) G --> |Self-hosted|H[ping #support_self-managed] G --> |.com|I[ping #support_gitlab-com] G --> |not provided|J(Ask what they're using) J --> G B-->|Free| D(Is there an issue open already?) D --> |Yes|K[Link the issue] D --> |ask the following questions|L(Self-hosted or .com?) L --> M(What version are they on?) M --> N(Has this happened on a previous version?) N --> O(How long have they been experiencing it?) O --> P(What integrations do they have, if relevant?) P --> |Questions answered|Q[ping relevant product channel]


New mentions are brought into Slack and Zendesk via Zapier.