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Most of our releases end up on Hacker News. Some of them hit the first page. These Hacker News posts are top priority for us to answer to. They're both important and urgent.

Every comment should get a response from someone from the company. Feel free to use this template. If you or the expert don't know the answer to a comment / remark please share your thoughts because every remark should have at least one response.

The #hn-mentions Slack channel tracks mentions of GitLab on HackerNews. It is a dedicated one, so that Community Advocates enable channel notifications and can respond to them as soon as possible.


Hacker News channel workflow

  1. React to notifications and go to the #hn-mentions channel when you see them them appear
  2. Read every new message in the channel and make a decision for each one: does it need a response?
  3. Respond to the message if necessary, or involve an expert using the template
  4. Ping @sytse in the #community-relations Slack channel if you judge his input is required, or in case of doubt
  5. Add a checkmark (:heavy_check_mark:) to the message on the Slack channel

Every message should have a checkmark to indicate that it was processed: either someone responded to the mention or decided that it didn't need a response.

Besides #hn-mentions channel, mentions of GitLab on HackerNews are also piped into the #mentions-of-gitlab Slack channel.

Best practices

When responding to a post about GitLab on Hacker News:

Always bear in mind the social media guidelines for Hacker News in all your interactions with the site.


These mentions are piped to the #hn-mentions Slack channel by Zapier.