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The #hn-mentions Slack channel tracks mentions of GitLab on HackerNews. It is a dedicated one, so that Community Advocates enable channel notifications and can respond to them as soon as possible.


Hacker News channel workflow

  1. React to notifications and go to the #hn-mentions channel when you see them them appear
  2. Read every new message in the channel and make a decision for each one: does it need a response?
  3. Respond to the message if necessary, or involve an expert using the template
  4. Ping @sytse in the #community-relations Slack channel if you judge his input is required, or in case of doubt
  5. Add a checkmark (:heavy_check_mark:) to the message on the Slack channel

Every message should have a checkmark to indicate that it was processed: either someone responded to the mention or decided that it didn't need a response.

Best practices

When responding to a post about GitLab on Hacker News:

Always bear in mind the social media guidelines for Hacker News in all your interactions with the site.


These mentions are piped to the #hn-mentions Slack channel by Zapier.