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Involving experts workflow


When responding to community messages, you should always strive to involve a resident GitLab expert on the subject if possible.

This gives:


Refer to the Product stages, groups, and categories page to locate the appropriate expert/team.

Please mention the expert by name in the relevant Slack channel (e.g. in #frontend if it's a frontend question) with the following template. If you are unsure of the correct channel, you can ping the experts in the #questions channel.

If you are working on a mention that requires an expert from a particular devops stage, you can find them in the Slack channels named #s_<devopstage> (e.g. #s_plan, #s_verify, etc.).

Expert Involvement Template

```plain @expert_username [LINK TO COMMUNITY COMMENT] Hello! I need support from an expert to respond to this. Can you please answer on [name of social platform]? Even if you are in a rush, remember - your direct respond is a better experience for you and the requestor! If you don't know the answer, could you share your thoughts and ping a specific expert who might? We're trying to make sure every comment gets a response. Thank you!

If there is no Zendesk ticket related to the mention (e.g. a HackerNews mention) track it in the #community-relations Slack channel.




Best practices

When trying to figure out who has expertise on what segment of the product, refer to the "DevOps Stages" section of the Product stages, groups, and categories page in the handbook. The team page can also be useful.


TBD: Zendesk