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Involving experts workflow


When responding to community messages, you should always strive to involve a resident GitLab expert on the subject if possible.

This gives:


Refer to the Product stages, groups, and categories page to locate the appropriate expert/team.

Please mention the expert by name in the relevant Slack channel (e.g. in #frontend if it's a frontend question) with the following template. If you are unsure of the correct channel, you can ping the experts in the #questions channel.

Best Practices for Expert Outreach

If you are working on a mention that requires an expert from a particular devops stage, you can find them in the Slack channels named #s_<devopstage> (e.g. #s_plan, #s_verify, etc.).

Expert Involvement Template

@expert_username [LINK TO COMMUNITY COMMENT]
Hello! I need support from an expert to respond to this. Can you please answer on [name of social platform] using your personal account? Even if you are in a rush, remember - your direct response is a better experience for you and the requestor! If you don't know the answer, could you share your thoughts and ping a specific expert who might? We're trying to make sure every comment gets a response. Thank you!

If there is no Zendesk ticket related to the mention (e.g. a HackerNews mention) track it in the #community-relations Slack channel.




Advocates can use Google Sheets and Google Slides to create a graph to best communicate this data during the team Group Conversation.


TBD: Zendesk