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Swag Requests from GitLab Team for Outstanding Community Contributions

Let's Award Contributors Together

Each team member is empowered to send GitLab swag to anyone in the wider GitLab community who deserves it. We'll be using Printfection's giveaway links to make this happen.


Anyone who you feel deserves an extra special something for their contribution, comment, or community involvement is eligible for swag.

This can include, (but is not limited to):

For cases not listed above, use your best judgement, and create a merge request to add new cases to the list.

The list of the giveaways is found in this Google Sheets file editable only by GitLab team members.

Sending swag

Once you've decided to award the community contributor, please open the sheet file (only available to GitLab team members) and follow these steps:

Note: This data is required for Community Advocates to monitor the placed orders within Printfection.

Email Template

Hi [NAME]!

The Community Advocates team at GitLab has noticed the awesome support you provide on [Social Channel] to users asking questions about GitLab.

We'd love to recognize your efforts with some free GitLab swag!
The link below will take you directly to an order form where you can choose your favorite GitLab swag item.

[Giveaway Link]

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks for your contributions to the GitLab community!

Twitter Templates


:clap: Congrats! Send us an email at and we can send some GitLab swag your way! :heart_eyes:

Direct Messages:

We'd love to thank you for your contributions to GitLab StackOverflow questions with some GitLab Swag! You can use this link to place an order, free of charge, and choose your favorite GitLab swag items. Thanks again for supporting StackOverflow users by answering their GitLab questions! 

Finding Community Member Contact Information

This section outlines the strategies that GitLab team member might use to contact community members during this process

Include Everyone

If you think that someone deserves a swag prize, feel free to award them with swag via a Printfection link.

Refresh Giveaway Codes

  1. Log into Printfection
  2. Navigate to Campaigns -> Giveaways -> Community Contributions
  3. Under the section titled 'Giveaway Links' you can see how many links have been created, sent, and redeemed for this campaign
  4. Click the 'Get New Link' button to generate a new giveaway link
  5. Copy and paste the new link into the Google Sheets file editable only by GitLab team members
  6. When this Google Sheet becomes too long, consider archiving the sheet or creating a new tab with current giveaway links