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Stack Overflow response workflow


New Stack Overflow posts that are tagged gitlab are brought into Zendesk after 4 hours. The delay is to ensure we still encourage community input.


  1. View the new question in Zendesk under the Stack Overflow view by opening the URL
  2. If the question has been answered, apply the StackOverflow > Solved macro and close the ticket
  3. If the question has been flagged as having insufficient information (usually by a moderator), apply the Stack Overflow > Insufficient Information macro and close the ticket
  4. Often people will apply the gitlab tag to their post even if the post isn't specific to GitLab (e.g. they're having a problem with Docker, but they happen to be using GitLab). If the question isn't specific to GitLab, apply the macro Stack Overflow > Unrelated/Non-Specific
  5. If a question does require us to respond, use the Involving Experts workflow to get assistance. Once the question has been answered, apply the Replied macro (since the ticket does not automatically update with responses like e.g. Twitter).

Best practices

View the Stack Overflow FAQ for info on how to best respond to questions.


New mentions are brought into Zendesk using Zapier. There is a 4 hour time delay, and it will only pull in recently created posts. Responses and comments are not pulled in, only initial posts.