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Twitter response workflow



@GitLabStatus Zendesk Post service updates
@GitLab Zendesk Respond to mentions and questions
@MovingToGitLab Tweetdeck Respond to mentions and questions


All Twitter responses should be sent from Zendesk.

When resolving Twitter tickets in Zendesk you should:

  1. Use Play mode in the Twitter view. The default Twitter view will sort tickets by created date (ascending).
  2. Not skip any tickets
  3. Assign the ticket to yourself or ask in the appropriate chat channel if you don't know how to answer it
  4. Not cross assign tickets

Best practices


Usage of Likes

Use "Likes" on Twitter for promoting positive feedback about our product, since we direct users there when we want to show that people really love the product. Avoid using it for anything else.


Advocates shouldn't retweet anything from the official GitLab Twitter accounts. If you see something that should be retweeted, paste the tweet in the #twitter Slack channel, or mention Emily von Hoffmann - she has these permissions.

Direct Messages

We have direct messages disabled in our Twitter accounts, but they can be used if we first send a direct message to a user. This should only be used when the user needs to communicate with us privately (e.g. to give a mailing address).


Tweets that mention @GitLab, or @GitLabStatus will create a ticket in Zendesk, and show up in the "Twitter" view.

If a tweet is responded to from TweetDeck, this risks duplicate responses. Responding from Zendesk also enables us to track our response times vs. our internal SLA.