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Education Program





The steps below will generate the Education Program metrics including: opportunity close date, tier, number of seats, billing city and billing country. These metrics are used in the Community Relations Group Conversation and for the Education Program Handbook.

  1. Log into SFDC.
  2. Navigate to Reports.
  3. Open the 'Education Opportunities' SFDC Report.
  4. Click on Customize and drag Close date from the Opportunity Information folder as a new column.
  5. Click on Filters > Add > Field Filter:
    • Opportunity Information: Type equals New Business
  6. Click Run Report to generate the report.
  7. Click Export Details. Choose Unicode (UTF-8) for the Export File Encoding and .csv for the Export File Format. Then click Export and save the file.
  8. Download the Eduoss script.
  9. Open a command prompt and change to the directory where you have the script and .csv file.
  10. Run the Edoss script with the exported csv file as input to generate the final csv file. ./edoss.rb -i <exported_file>.csv -o <output_file>.csv
  11. Update the GitLab for Education Graphs for the Community Relations Group Call by importing the results of the script and updating the figures. Notes:
    • You may need to make the file executable by using the following command: chmod 755 edoss.rb
      • Additionally, the processor script can provide the data in yaml and json formats.

SFDC Opportunities by Stage for EDU campaign - SFDC report