Merchandise workflow

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Best practices

Choosing a vendor

As a general rule, consider using Stickermule for sending stickers, since the Printfection inventory is limited. If Stickermule doesn't work for you, then use Printfection instead.

If the merch shipment includes:

Always check the Printfection inventory and item availability before sending.


Handling swag

MVP Appreciation Gifts

Each 22nd of the month is a release day - every release we pick a Most Valuable Person and thank them for their contributions. We send them some GitLab swag as a thank you (e.g. a hoodie, socks, and a handmade tanuki). There's also the option of sending personalized swag - see custom swag providers.

  1. Determine MVP after merge window closes, see #release-post channel
  2. Find MVP's contact information
    • An email address is usually stored in git commit data
    • A user might have email or twitter info on their profile
  3. Congratulate the MVP via email, ask for their shipping address, as well as any other relevant information (e.g. shirt size)
  4. Investigate the MVP's interests
    • If the MVP doesn't have a notable presence on social media, you may choose to ask them directly or send GitLab swag instead
  5. Choose a suitable gift (up to 200$ USD)
  6. Write a kind thank you message
  7. Send the gift
    • The MVP should ideally have the gift 48h before the post goes live, though shipping to people outside the United States can take longer and usually won't make it in time
  8. Verify shipment status
    • Make sure that it was sent
    • Make sure that it arrived
  9. Mention the MVP gift in the release post
    • Make sure there's a picture of the gift in the release post if it's available

Handling #swag channel requests

Handle swag requests made in the #swag channel.

Requests for customer events or conferences

Ask in the #swag Slack Channel and ping the swag expert or any Community Advocate available.

Please include the following in your request:

Note: we recommend that you request merchandise at least 4 weeks in advance for us to be able to accommodate your request. However,

Community swag requests


Here's the process for requesting a swag gift for a contributor/user/customer:

Request templates:

Please keep a single swag request confined to one message to avoid clutter.

Community Advocates

Please bear in mind the list of countries we do not do business in.

Delayed and lost merchandise shipments

From time to time it may happen that the package never arrives to the customers. Customers usually complain via, however, keep an eye on Twitter, the #swag Slack channel and other related threads.

Please check if the package is still in transport using the tracking ID and reach out to the customer with brief details.

If the package has been in transport over 2-3 weeks, consider apologizing and refunding the 20% of the whole order using Shopify's refund option:

  1. Login to Shopify.
  2. Search the order by name/email/orderID.
  3. Select the order.
  4. Select the "Refund items" option.
  5. On the right part of the page, you have the fields to enter the custom value and reason for a refund.
  6. If you are not sure how to calculate the 20%, multiply 0.2 with the whole amount and that's the exact value.
  7. Use "Reason for refund" field and write the appropriate message explaining that we are refunding 20% of the whole amount due to delayed shipping and press the Refund button.
  8. Don't forget to apologize to the customer using the original thread (e.g. respond via the original Zendesk ticket) and offer any other assistance if needed.

If the customer complains that the package never arrived and the package status is "completed" or "delivered", consider the following options:

  1. Reach out to the vendor ( or and ask if they have information about that specific order.
  2. If the package has been returned or lost, consider asking them to resend it.
  3. If the vendor doesn't resend the package, do it manually asap.
  4. Always consider refunding the whole order amount to the customer.
  5. Since we care about our community and customers, feel free to include extra item/s of your choice, create a coupon code for an apology or any other idea. In this case, the main goal is to make the customer happy.
  6. Don't forget to coordinate everything with the customer (use for conversation), apologize and find out if there's any other thing we could do for them.