Social Marketing Handbook

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Social activities

In addition to promoting corporate and field events, content marketing assets, company updates, etc., we also undertake some activities just for our social communities. These help us communicate with and nurture our social communities, so we're not always treating social as a way to extract value or information from our followers. You wouldn't stay in a relationship that one-sided in real life, so why would you with a brand?

Here are some examples of native social events and social activities. You can open an issue in the marketing project and mention @evhoffmann if you'd like to propose a social activity.

Social Takeover Notes

So you've been nominated for a short-term takeover of GitLab's social channels — here's a quick guide with everything you need to know.





Signing off

Requesting Event Promotion

Open a separate issue for social

What to expect

While at the Event:


We use giveaways to encourage and thank our community for participating in marketing events such as surveys, user-generate-content campaigns, social programs, and more.

Giveaways Process


  1. Create an issue and tag Emily von Hoffmann (@evhoffmann) to determine the rules of engagement and Emily Kyle (@emily) for prizes.
  2. Create and publish an Official Sweepstakes Rules page


  1. Winners must sign an Affidavit of Eligibility & Liability, Indemnity, and Publicity Release. Use the "Affidavit of Eligibility - Sweepstakes" template found on the google drive.
  2. Announce the winners

Social Support & Logistics for Giveaways

Creating the Campaign


Day of giveaway

After the Giveaway

How to Create an Official Sweepstakes Rules Page

  1. Create a new folder in /source/sweepstakes/ in the www-gitlab-com project. Name the folder the same as the giveaway /source/sweepstakes/name-of-giveaway
  2. Add an file to the /name-of-giveaway/ folder
  3. Add the content of this template to the file.
  4. Replace all bold text with relevant information.
  5. Create merge request and publish.

Social Channels and Audience Segmentation

You can find a list of evergreen content assets their primary channel for promotion here.








Sometimes, posts that GitLabbers propose for our blog may be a better fit for native publishing on LinkedIn. This is not a negative, it's usually due to the content team's strategic priorities at the time. Rebecca and Emily vH will recommend that you publish on your own LinkedIn, and if you agree, Emily vH will help you finalize the post and socialize it internally for best results.




GitLab has a Medium publication, and all GitLabbers may be added as writers! To be added as a writer to the publication, import a blog post that you authored on to your personal Medium account, and submit it to the GitLab publication. Emily vH will approve you as a writer and help finalize the post before publishing.