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Customer FAQ's

BDRs are frequently asked the following questions in some form or another:

Variable Compensation Guidelines

Full-time BDRs have a significant portion of their pay based on performance and objective attainment. Performance based "bonuses" are based on results. Actions for obtaining results will be prescribed and measured, but are intentionally left out of bonus attainment calculations to encourage experimentation. BDRs will naturally be drawn to activities that have the highest yield, but freedom to choose their own daily activities will allow new, higher yield activities to be discovered.

Guidelines for bonuses: * Team and individual objectives are based on GitLab's revenue targets and adjusted monthly. * Bonuses are paid quarterly. * Bonuses may be based on various objectives * E.g. a new BDR's first month's bonus is typically based on completing onboarding * Bonuses may be tied to sales target attainment, OKRs, or other objectives.

BDR Vacation Incentives

Note: this is a new, experimental policy started in June 2016: changes and adjustments are expected

At GitLab, we have an unlimited time off policy. The business development team has additional incentives for taking time off: 1. The first 5 business days taken off by a BDR in a calendar year prorates their target by 100%, rounded up (i.e. reduces the BDR's target by the period's target divided by the number of business days in the period, times the number of days taken off). 2. The second 5 business days are prorated by 50%, rounded up if applicable 3. The third 5 business days are prorated by 25%, rounded up if applicable

E.g. A BDR with a target of 200 opportunities in a January with 20 business days can reduce that month's target to 190 by taking 1 day off, 150 by taking 5 days off, 125 by taking 10 days off, or 113 by taking 15 days off.

Rules and qualifications for BDR Vacation Incentives:

With GitLab's PTO policy), there's no need to give notice or ask permission to take time off. Unfortunately, a quota carrying BDR can expect to lose some earning potential for taking PTO, which often leads to BDRs not taking vacation. Another problem with unlimited PTO is that management loses forecasting power when BDRs take unexpected PTO, making it tempting for leadership to discourage vacation. We hope that this additional vacation incentive for the team acts as a balancing incentive to both parties by (a) providing a prorated quota for BDRs who plan ahead and (b) helping leadership plan and forecast better without discouraging vacation.

Prospecting Toolkit






Additional Resources

Buyer Types




Your messaging for each one will be different. An end user or lower level developer will not care much about the ROI on our product.

Research Process

3 X 3 X 3

Three things in three minutes about the: - Organization - Industry - Individual

Where to Start?

  1. Salesforce
    • Lost deals, users and customers (CE and EE)
    • Contacts
      • What relevant titles should we be reaching out to
    • Activity History
      • Who in the org have we called before that we can follow up with or reference
    • Cross reference with to see their version and available other usage info
  2. Linkedin
    • Summary/Bio - Anything mentioned about job responsibilities or skills
    • Previous work - Any Gitlab Customers that we can reference
    • Connections - Are they connected to anyone at GitLab for a possible introduction
  3. Website
    • Mission Statement
    • Press Releases/Newsroom
    • (ctrl F) search for keywords

Basics Prospecting

Example of an Initial Prospecting Process/Call Cadence:

Step 1 - Call VM/Email - Day or two break

Step 2 - Email follow-up/InMail - Day or two break

Step 3 - Call 2x - Morning (no voicemail) - Afternoon (voicemail) - Day or two break

Step 4 - Email (Deposit) - 3rd party resource - Day or two break

Step 5 - Call 2x - Morning (voicemail) - Afternoon (no voicemail) - Day or two break

Step 6 - InMail follow-up/Call 2x - Day or two break

Step 7 - Call VM/Email "Why Not?" - Day or two break

Step 8 - Call VM/Email "Too Busy or Not Interested?"

Cold Call Framework


Hi. This is (Name) from GitLab

Ask for Time

“Do you have just a moment?”

Key Question

“Have you heard of GitLab before?”

Initial Message with IBS

“GitLab helps (Title) in the (Industry) industry solve issues around (pain & need) or “(Industry specific client) used GitLab to (Case study value proposition)

Confirm that they are the right person

“I understand you are in charge of application/program development, is that correct?

Schedule meeting

"Do you have 15 minutes on (specific day and time) to discuss your developer life cycle?"

Initial Benefit Statement example

Structure of a Prospecting Call

Email Prospecting


Email Components

Basho Makeup

Subject: Your new project on Git


You recently launched a new version of the webpage XYZ. Congrats! I am sure everyone at XYZ are loving the expertise you bring to the table. I read on your web page that it was developed using Git.

Everyday here at GitLab we help senior developers like yourself to collaborate on code, and project management in the IT departments of the Fortune 1000, ultimately leading to an average savings of 30% when compared to other tools on the market.

What day do you have 15 minutes on your calendar to discuss?


Outbound Process

Each rep will be assigned a list of 15-30 targeted accounts to work on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Criteria for those accounts still TBD

Help Marketing create campaigns focusing on:

Rules of engagement

Formal Weekly 1:1

BDR and BDR Team Lead