Developer Advocacy

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Developer Advocates act as spokespeople and liaisons between GitLab and its users. Their role is to make developers happy to use GitLab by getting customer feedback into the product.


In addition to providing enhancements to GitLab itself, Advocates can also provide miscellaneous code samples for everyone to view.

Public Speaking

Speaking at/attending events is an important facet of developer outreach as it's one of the best places to get in front of people.

Where to Speak

There are a few places where you can keep tabs on open Calls for Papers.

In general, try to avoid sponsored speaking slots/slots we have to pay to get. There's value in these, but attendance rates are lower than organic conference talks.

Talk Preparation




At the Event



If you do a Q&A session, it's important to maintain control of it so that everyone gets a chance to ask questions they may have.


Talk Debrief

After speaking, it's important to make note of things that went well and things that need improvement. You can use the following template to get started (but feel free to modify it). Put your debrief in a comment on the event's issue. If no issue exists, please create it and tag Emily so she sees.

Event Name:
Event Dates:
Event Location:

Talk Title:
Talk Presenter(s):
Talk Slides (if available online somewhere):
Talk Abstract:
Talk Time (include timezone):
Attendee Estimate (how many people attended your session?):

How was the talk received by the audience?

What went well?

What didn't go so well?

Were there any technical difficulties?

What questions did people ask?


Events are an important part of developer relations efforts. You can expect to travel a lot. Keep track of which events you go to via your calendar and make sure you take some vacation time.

Selecting Events

Most events will be selected by field marketing. If you have suggestions for events, open an issue with the following information:

Before the Event

Be sure to use social channels to let people know you'll be there. If you're giving a talk, make sure to include that too. Add events to your calendar and make sure to let everyone else on the developer relations team know so they can plan accordingly.

At The Event

After the Event

Event Debrief

After an event, put a debrief together to help us determine whether we're hitting our goals. A short summary should answer:

This information can be posted on the relevant event issue in the issue tracker. If no issue exists, please create one and tag Emily in it. If you gave a talk be sure to include a debrief about that as well.

Make sure to follow up with anyone you spoke to at the event, even if it's just to say "Thanks for chatting!"

Event organizers also love to hear feedback about their events. Make sure to thank them and tell them what they did well. If things didn't go according to plan, make sure they know that too so they can incorporate your feedback next time.


Please abide by GitLab's travel policy unless an exception is noted below.

Booking Travel

Packing List

Here's a list of things you may want to put in your carry-on bag:

If you're speaking at an event, include the following:

In your checked bag:

Social Media

Advocates follow these guidelines when posting as GitLab.

Social Media Channels

GitLab has a presence across many social media channels. The following is a list of channels we actively monitor.


There are two GitLab Twitter accounts

Representing GitLab on Twitter

Express gratitude

Be friendly

About using the tools

Ignore tweets that are negative about competitors

Use English

Replies to Commonly Asked Questions on Twitter




Docs comments

Comments are enabled in the GitLab docs portal whereusers can leave a note if something is wrong with our documentation.

They are powered by Disqus and are tracked in the docs-comments chat channel.When an advocate replies to a comment:

Other Channels

See the ones listed on our getting help page.


The developer relations team may need technical content that is more abstract than how-to technical guides. Developer Advocates can produce relevant content to fill the content calendar.

Customer Support

While they're not full-time support team members, advocates can field some of the questions the support team receives.