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GitLab Event Information

Events at GitLab

There are 3 groups within marketing who handle external events. Each group has a specific purpose. Please review each page for specific details.

Marketing Programs supports Corporate and Field Marketing in relation to all events with communication timeline, technical tracking, reporting, email deployment, landing page creation, and more as required by the event.

COVID-19 Event Disclaimer

GitLab’s top priority is the health and safety of our attendees and team members. GitLab reserves the right to switch any hosted in-person event to a virtual event. If this is done, we will communicate to all attendees via email.

Travel guidance on COVID-19 can be found here.

Which events is GitLab already sponsoring?

Interested in attending an event we are already sponsoring?

Suggesting an Event

To determine who would handle the event, please refer to our events decision tree. If it is not clear who should own an event based on the decision tree, please email

Please only request event support/sponsorship if your proposed event fits the following criteria: The event will further business aims of GitLab. The event has an audience of 250+ people (the exception being meet-ups (which are run by our community team) or is part of an Account Based Marketing activity. The event is a more than a month away.

Be sure you review the issue template and provide all necessary information that is asked of you in the issue. We especially need goals/ reason to attend.

For Corporate Event DRIs: If you are the DRI for the event and want to get started on planning for a specific event please use the Corporate Event Template and follow guide in template to get started on planning, budget request, and contracting. This needs to be completed before moving into contracting. See below for "event execution" for next steps once you have opened and completed issue template.

How We Evaluate and Build Potential Events

All GitLab events must check at least drive two or more of the aims of our events below to be considered.

Corporate events must also meet:

Questions we ask ourselves when assessing an event:

Suggested events will be subject to a valuation calculation - will it meet or exceed objectives listed above?

For Corporate Marketing - Event Scorecard

Each question above is graded on a scale of 0-2. We then tally the scores and assign the event to a sponsorship tier.

Criteria / Score 0 1 2
Thought Leadership      
Audience type      
Attendee interaction      
Location and Timing      
Event Relevance/ Strategy      
Brand Reach      
Opportunity size/ Potential ROI      

We ask these questions and use this scorecard to ensure that we're prioritizing the GitLab's brand and our community's best interests when we sponsor events.

Event Execution

Step 1

All events - Setting up the Campaign Tag

  1. When Event Owner (DRI) begins campaign process, they will add the campaign tag (using proper ISOdate_Name format & within 31 character limit) into the associated budget line item.
    1. Campaign Tag ISO date = first day of event (if multiday) - Example: AWS reInvent Dec 2-5, 2019, Campaign Tag = 20191202_AWS_re:Invent this will also be applied to the SFDC Campaign name & Marketo Program name
    2. If budget line corresponds to one vendor and the vendor is known, they will add that information as well to make matching future invoices easier.
    3. We do not want to set this up too soon as it affects many systems - see date change
  2. Finance will subscribe to the budget document. When new campaign tag is added, Finance is responsible for adding to NetSuite class and Expensify for use weekly.
    • Any modifications in NetSuite update to Expensify nightly.

NOTE: Event owners are DRI to create/setup campaign names & tags. MPMs are no longer responsible for creation but they are responsible for using them exactly in Marketo program & SFDC campaign creation.

Step 2

All events under the employee authorization matrix approval threshold AND No contract or security review required

  1. Event Owner creates issue using the appropriate regional template with auto-applied status::plan label
  2. Event Owner copy/paste the campaign tag form the budget document into template.
  3. When ready, the Event Owner update label to status::wip, this is handoff where MPMs will create subsequent Epics/Issues.
  4. MPM will use the exact campaign tag as the SFDC Campaign and Marketo Program name so it is the unique identifier across all systems.

All events OVER the employee authorization matrix approval threshold AND Contract or Security review required

  1. Event Owner creates issue using the appropriate regional template with auto-applied status::plan label
  2. Event Owner (For Field Marketing, all finance issues are to be processed by the regional FMCs) creates finance issue following the Procure to Pay Process and includes the campaign tag from the budget document.
    • ROI calculation for event in the final cost section
    • Add the finance issue as a Related Issue to the FM event issue for reference.
  3. When event budget is approved by Finance, Event Owner verifies that the tag on the event and finance issue are accurate and match. Change label to status::wip which is handoff trigger for the MPMs to create subsequent Epics/Issues.
  4. MPM will use the exact campaign tag as the SFDC Campaign and Marketo Program name so it is the unique identifier across all systems.

Ancillary Events

If the overarching event includes a speaking session, workshop, dinner, and/or happy hour (anything that requires a separate SFDC campaign and list upload), please follow the steps below and abide by the SLA guide to give necessary time for work to be complete.

⏰ SLAs for YES/NO section to be filled out for an ancillary event before moving to WIP:

The purpose of creating a new issue for each ancillary event is to better facilitate the needs for each event, to clearly indicate the timelines, and to clarify the DRIs which may be different for the different events. For example, if there is a speaking session hosted by a GitLabber at a larger conference, and the speaker is planning to write the email copy after the event, the timeline and DRI would be different from the timeline and DRI for the general booth follow email.

Steps for Ancillary Events:

  1. DRI to create a new issue for each ancillary event that corresponds to the main Field/Corporate Event (ex: Dinner + Date - Event Name as shown on the original issue) and assign it to event DRI & MPM DRI.
    • For each ancillary event issue, fill out the MPM YES/NO checklist to communicate if there will be a landing page, invitation & reminder, and/or follow-up as part of the ancillary event.
    • Note: All copy (both for the overall event and the ancillary events) is kept in a single copy doc and linked from the Event Epic
    • Timeline and SLAs will follow existing agreement FM/MPM, Corp/MPM
  2. Marketing Program Manager will add the related necessary execution issues as indicated by the YES/NO section in the issue. This section must be complete before the issue moves to status:wip.
    • Ex: Landing Page - Dinner + Date - Event name as shown on original issue)
  3. Marketing Program Manager will add as a new line item for each ancillary event in the Events googledoc

Step 3

  1. If the event is approved to move forward to contracting and is on the budget sheet, the DRI will start finance issue for contract review and signature following the Procure to Pay Process. For Field Marketing, all finance issues are to be processed by the regional FMCs. The finance issue will include:
    • ROI calculation for event in the final cost section.
    • Add the finance issue as a Related issue to the original issue for reference.
    • Add in any discounts or contract negotiations you have already completed.
  2. When contract has been signed the DRI will update issue label from status:plan to status:wip.
    • At this point, all relevant details (loation, venue, time, date, etc.) must be included by the event organizer.
    • The designated MPM will begin the backend execution using this information. see MPM steps to set up event epic
      • The designated MPM will begin the backend execution.
    • The MPM will create the event Epic, adding the checklist of related issues that need to be opened by respective team and high level information.
    • The MPM will also associate any issues opened for the event to the Epic.
  3. For Corporate events, the DRI must track the event budget. Budget template sheet can be fiund in the issue template. Please copy and rename using this naming convention- "ISOdate_CampaignShortName_Budget". The expectation is budget will be updated weekly/ accurate for your 1:1 with your manager.
  4. Add the event to Events Cal and Events Page.
  5. Start checking off the appropriate issue template. Some things to note as you go through process in template:
    • Start an event specific slack channel.
    • Once team member staffing has been selected invite them to the channel in addition to other Field Marketing or Alliance team members that will be involved.
    • Do not link anything but the Epic in the slack channel.
    • Share the planning sheet for team members to add their contact and travel information.
    • Instruction everyone to book travel and lodging ASAP.
    • The planning sheet is used to track all details for travel, meeting setting, booth duty, speaker list, networking events, PR, etc.
  6. The Epic is the main hub for all event information. All issue associated with the Event must be linked to the Epic!
    • Link the Original Field or Corporate marketing issue (some may refer to this issue as "META")
    • Add the planning sheet
    • Link to event landing page
    • Add high level booth hours
    • Booth number (should be included in Epic name)
    • Any other high level informaiton that will be relevant to anyone attending
  7. If the event needs a speaker, start an issue with the Speaker Request issue template.
  8. If a customer speaker is required for this event, assign the Speaker Request to your regional Customer Reference lead. The Customer Reference lead will work with the Event Managers and the Sales team in identifying and engaging with customers to speak at events.
  9. Landing Pages for Events (detailed instructions)
    • Corporate event landing pages are generated from the events.yml - Detailed instructions
      • The MPM will create an issue for content to be provided working with Alliances &/or Product Marketing team on copy.
      • A collaborative decision will be made to include a form on the landing page.
    • Owned events will use a landing page generated by the events.yml OR a Marketo landing page. (Detailed instructions) Marketo will be used if ALL of the following criteria are met:
      • The event is owned by Field Marketing
      • The event will cost GitLab less than $50,000 USD (or your country's equivalent)
      • Promotion of the event will be no longer than 1.5 months
  10. Schedule
    • Event kick off call scheduled approx two months out from event will include all people involved in planning
    • Final event check in meeting including everyone attending, involved Alliance team members and Technical Marketing team who created demos to review content with team.
    • Event recap will include all planners and stakeholders.
  11. Copy needed
    • Landing page copy
    • Email invite copy - 3 to 4 weeks in advance of event
    • Post Event Email copy - 1 to 2 weeks in advance of event
  12. Social
    • Start issue using the Social Request template for general social awareness posts and any social ads that need to be created.
    • For complete instructions on how to obtain social support at your event, please review the social requests instructions.
  13. Design
    1. For the latest approved booth design & messaging, email
    2. Open issue in the Corporate Marketing project for booth design. Assign to Design team and provide booth spec and due date. Provide as much notice as possible.
    3. For any content or major layout changes, tag Strategic Marketing and Design in the related booth design issue created in the Corporate Marketing project.
  14. Digital
  15. For Corporate events - Meeting Setting
    1. Most Corporate events will have an onsite meeting setting initiative tied to the event goals.
    2. Corporate Marketing will work with the regional Field Marketing DRI and designated event MPM to decide on best meeting setting strategy.
    3. If any Executives are attending, all meetings scheduled for them will be coordinated through the designated EA for that event.
    4. Meetings are tracked on the master event spreadsheet.
      • The event spreadsheet will be locked 24 hours before the event starts.
      • Any changes need to be submitted by making a Comment on the spreadsheet and assigning it to the Field Marketing DRI.
    5. All on-site meetings must have a meeting prep doc, which will be linked in the master planning sheet.
      • NOTE: We share these prep documents with the client. The document is intended to provide everyone attending the meeting with background information on the prospect &/or customer. The document should also include any objectives or topics to cover in the meeting.
    6. All leads gathered through meeting setting must be tracked in their own campaign which will be set up by the MPM and associated to the main event campaign.
    7. We generally provide a small give (under $50 USD or country equivalent) for anyone who takes a meeting with us.
  16. Demos, booth decks and documentation
    • Product Marketing helps make all displayed collateral at events.
    • The standard demos should be preloaded on the event iPads.
    • If you need something specific for an event, start an issue in the Product Marketing project and assign to Dan Gordon at least three weeks in advance.
  17. Swag
    • Decide appropriate giveaway for the event and audience.
    • Coordinate ordering with one of the preferred swag vendors.
    • Order extra storage at the event if all swag will not fit witin the booth.
  18. Leads and Campaign Setup
    • Field Marketing DRI is responsible for pulling, cleaning and sharing the lead list with the MPM and MktgOps within 24 hours of event close or as soon as received by event coordinators.
    • If the event had multiple parts (booth, happy hour, meetings, etc) each will have its own Salesforce campaign and Member status progressions.
    • Use template to standardize the data following the list import guidelines.

MPM steps to set up event epic

Below is the tactical process MPMs take to organize actions and timelines for field and corporate events. Please comment in the #marketing_programs slack if you have any questions.

Step 1: The event issue (in the field marketing or corporate marketing repo) moves to Status:WIP

⚠️ *If the FMM does not list the elements needed of the MPM in the issue, the MPM will not be able to move forward. Having this information up-front will minimize back-and-forth with MPM and let them take action appropriately and efficiently.

Step 2: MPM creates the event epic

## [Main Issue >>]()

## [Copy for landing page and emails >>]() - [template](

## Event Details
  * `place details from the event issue here`
  * [ ] [main salesforce campaign]()
  * [ ] [main marketo program]()
  * [ ] campaign utm `enter utm here` (Format: Campaign Tag, with no spaces, underscores, or special characters)

## Issue creation

* [ ] Follow up email issue created - MPM
* [ ] List clean and upload issue created - MOps
* [ ] Landing page issue created - MPM
* [ ] Invitation and reminder issue created - MPM
* [ ] Add to nurture issue created - MPM
* [ ] Target segment issue created - MOps

cc @jburton to create list upload issue

Step 3: MPM updates the event epic details

Step 4: MPM and MOps create the necessary issues and add to epic

⚠️ Note: MOps is required to create their list clean and upload issue, andDMAt list issue in their project with the proper template and associate back to the epic.

☝️ Tip: MPMs use this document to auto-populate timelines / SLAs for events. They will add the event as a new row when it is created with a status of Plan, add the start and end date, and look at the resulting due dates for each action item.

Timelines and SLAs between Field Marketing and Marketing Programs

In this timeline, BD = Business Days, and incorporates US public holidays and T = start date of the event.

Timelines and SLAs between Corporate Marketing and Marketing Programs

In this timeline, BD = Business Days, and incorporates US public holidays and T = start date of the event.

Changes to Offline Events dates

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to change the date of an offline event. Once the FMM has identified that the date will change, the FMM will:

If the date changes after the MPM set up the issues, epic, and tracking for the event, the MPM must make the following updates:

Cancellation of Offline Events

Once the DRI has identified that an event is cancelled, the FMM will:

The FMC will:

If an offline event is cancelled after the MPM set up the issues, epic, and tracking for the event, the MPM will:

Offline Events channel types

See full campaign progressions here

Important Planning Note

The above planning list is not exhaustive - see planning issue template in field marketing project for most up to date list of tasks.

How We Decide Who Attends Which Events?

Requesting Technical Staffing

Some events require technical staffing (Solutions Architects and/or others from the Customer Success team). To request technical staffing, do the following:

COVID-19 Event Outreach

It is important that we are communicating with our customers and prospects that we are monitoring COVID-19. Please include the following in all email outreach for hosted events.

Event Outreach

It is important that we are communicating with our customers and prospects when are attending an event. This is done through a targeted email sent through Marketo & also through SDR & SAL outreach.

Email alias usages for outreach

We use several email aliases for pre and post event outreach. Below are guidlines as to which one should be used based on the event

Pre-Event Registration Tracking & Reporting

As propects register for the event the Field Marketing team has the ability to track any potential dietary concerns:

If the FM DRI for an event needs to reach out to someone prior to the event, they will do so leveraging their personal email address & cc fieldmarketing@ alias.

The Dietary Restrictions field can be leveraged as a list filter by the MPMs if they are needing to send a bulk email of any kind.

For Field Events

Employee Booth Guidelines

Scanning Best Practices

Suggested Attire
Booth Set Up
Day of Booth Staffing

Post Event

Event List

  1. List received by event DRI from event organizers
  2. Event DRI reviews and cleans up list following the guidelines for list imports
  3. List is sent to Marketing Ops for upload to Marketo & associate to related Campaign (w/in 24hrs of receipt from event)
    • Marketo will match based on Email Address to existing records regardless if LEAD or CONTACT object.
  4. Marketo will sync to SFDC automatically. LeanData assigns records based on Territory ownership.
  5. Marketing Ops will create a LEAD & CONTACT view in SFDC for the SDR team to facilitate follow up.
    • LEAD/CONTACT views will be retained in SFDC for no more than 90 days
  6. Marketing Ops notifies MPM/FMM in the list clean issue when the upload has been completed so the follow up email(s) can be scheduled.
  7. Marketing Ops makes a post on the #sdr_global slack channel with a link to SFDC campaign, link to SDFC LEAD & CONTACT view, and link to Outreach view (if exists).
    • Ops will ping the sdr slack alias and cc the @sdr-leadership slack alias.
  8. Event DRI follow up on leads to make sure expected followup completed and lead status changed.

Common lead questions:

Onsite registration form & landing page

For FIELD events that don't have badge scanners onsite, the FMM event owner can request an onsite registration form and landing page which can be used to collect names at the booth. The landing page (including the form) can be accessed by a unique URL via iPad, mobile phone or laptop and should only be used by staff at the booth and deactivated post-event by Marketing Ops.

How to create an onsite registration form

How to use the onsite registration form

Marketo Check-in App

For OWNED events, the Marketo program is pushed to the Marketo Check-in app that allows the FMM team to be self-sufficient when it comes to updating an event registration list.

User Experience Flow (Registration & Check-In) With System Actions

⚠️ Important! FMM must check-in all individuals and sync to Marketo within 12 hours of the start time of the event so that automation can flip the correct records to No Show.

How to activate the Marketo Check-in App
  1. MPM to navigate to the Marketo program event
  2. At the top of the page, change View: Summary to View: Schedule
  3. You should see the event on the right side of the calendar ^ Events are displayed intially based on the program created date, not the event date
  4. Double click your event, update date,end, and event times (remember all times are based on the MPM's timezone setting in Marketo)
  5. Click the slide bar to change event from tentative to confirmed. Slide bar will change from gray to orange when done correctly. The event will not be visible in the Marketo Check-in app until 7 days prior to the event
Using App for Event Check-in

If FMM is unsure they will have internet at venue, it is very important to fully sync program while connected to the internet before event.

  1. Sign into the Marketo app.
  2. Locate the event from the list displayed, press the blue "Sync" button that appears across the top menu bar.
    • This will ensure all late registrations are fully synced to the app
  3. All program members with Status = Registered will show in the list on the left side of the app.
  4. As people arrive, search using the search bar or scroll alphabetically by Last Name through the list.
    • You could also have the iPad available for people to check-in themselves
  5. Select person to check-in & press the large blue button that says "Check-in"
    • If the person's contact details need to be updated click "edit" (top right) and make changes.
    • When the program re-syncs the contact details will be updated as well
  6. To ADD a person to the event at the door, click the "person+" button in the bottom left corner of the app.
    • Blank form will appear
    • All fields are required except Phone
    • Click green "Done" in top right corner
    • Complete checkin by clicking blue "Check-in" button
  7. As people are checked in there will be a red numeric icon over the "Sync" button, this will remain until the app is synced to Marketo
  8. Once event is over, FMM presses blue "Sync" button to send all the records to Marketo
  9. The Marketo program will immediately be updated with Campaign Member Status = Attended and the sync to SFDC will begin
  10. Notify the Ops team via List clean & upload issue to verify status of records & request the remaining Registerd -> No Show status
  11. Ops will verify Bizible attribution has been applied correctly.

If you need support, use the #mktgops slack channel.


Specifics for Community Relations

GitLab's Community Relations team reviews and manages our community events (typically an event with less than 250 attendees that is targetting end users of GitLab) including Meetups. The Community Relations handbook has additional information on the events the Community Relations team will support.

Specifics for Corporate Events

Specifics for Field Events

AMER Field Marketing Swag

The AMER Field Marketing team utilizes our swag vendor, Nadel. Nadel is available to produce, ship and store swag and event material. The FMM is responsible for accessing the Nadel Portal via the Field Marketing team login available in the 1Password Marketing Vault to order all swag and trade show items for their events.

Nadel Invoicing: All Nadel invoices for Field Marketing are required to include the Campaign Tag swag_field to allow for proper finance coding.

Nadel Portal Demo - View Here
Nadel Admin Portal Demo - View Here

AMER Sales Welcome Swag Kits

New AMER sales team members will be provided the AMER Sales Welcome Swag Kit Order Form in their Google Classroom training module. Please take note of the approved sales teams listed in the form to make sure you are eligible for a kit and please limit to one kit per person. New orders are placed once a week and order confirmations, as well as shipping confirmations, will be sent out by our swag vendor, Nadel. For any questions please contact @krogel.

AMER Sales Swag Requests

Please utilize the Printfection Sales Swag link. This link is for GitLab internal use only and you must log in with your address. If you are a new user enter your address in the login page and follow the instructions to set up your account.

EMEA Field Marketing Swag

The EMEA Field Marketing team utilises the swag vendor Ten&One. Ten&One is available to source, fullfillment, ship and store swag and event material. The FMC is responsible for ensuring adequate stock levels and coordinating field event swag logistics.

Invoicing: All invoices for Field Marketing are required to include the Campaign Tag swag_field to allow for proper finance coding.

AMER Field Marketing Event Assets

Each FMM and FMC is to keep a GitLab tablecloth, popup banner and table runner with them to be utilized for events. Ordering instructions are provided during onboarding, but if replacement items are needed, please contact your Field Marketing Coordinator. Additional event assets (including popup booths) are stocked at the Nadel warehouse and can be shipped via the Nadel Portal utilizing the Field Marketing team login available in the 1Password Marketing Vault.

AMER Field Marketing QR Codes for Events

A QR code with a general GitLab PathFactory track and a QR code with a general PubSec PathFactory track are available for use. FMMs/DRIs can follow the links below to print and display at events. Table-top signs to display the QR codes are available in Nadel - search for Tabletop Display.

Field Marketing is able to create additional QR code signs using a template by following instructions here. Please be sure to make a copy of the file rather than editing directly.

If this template does not meet your needs, additional designs may be requested by opening an issue in the corporate marketing repo. Be sure to include:

Design will then create and provide a PDF for the FMM/FMC to print on their own for the event.

Returning AMER Field Marketing Event Assets

It is the FMM’s responsibility to not only ship assets to events, but to also ensure the onsite event DRI ships the items back within 3 days of the end of the event. When shipping items via the Nadel portal, there is an option to include return shipping labels during the ordering process so items can be sent back to Nadel directly. The return shipping labels will be included on the outside of the box in a sleeve marked Return Documents Enclosed. The FMM is to make sure the onsite event DRI is aware of the location of the return shipping labels. If a return shipping label is not included for any reason during the Nadel ordering process, the FMM is to provide the GitLab Fedex account number (available in the 1Password Marketing Vault) and the return shipping address listed below to the onsite event DRI. The onsite event DRI will then need to drop off the items to a Fedex location.

Nadel Warehouse Address for Returns:
DG Receiving Dept - GIT476 (FM)
2270 E 220th Street
Deliveries To: Dock Door 21
Carson, CA 90810

AMER Field Marketing Badge and Event Check-In Process

Items to Purchase:

Marketo Check-in App on iPad:

Creating Event Badges:


Avery Template

AMER Field Marketing Venue Search and Contract Requests

For venue search and contract requests, the FMM can open an issue utilizing the AMER_VenueSearch_ContractRequest template. Follow the instructions to provide event details and assign to the FMC.

AMER Field Marketing Event Copy Deadline Process

AMER Field Marketing Corporate Credit Card Usage

The regional FMCs will each hold a GitLab corporate credit card. Please closely review the usage details below and note that the card holder must be the person to process each transaction. Contact your FMC directly for card usage requests and include the purpose of the charge, the event issue link and campaign tag for appropriate expense tagging.

For more details regarding the corporate credit card usage policy or how to submit a request for your own corporate credit card, please visit the Credit Card Usge Policy page.

Lightning meetings with CXO

At GitLab owned events we will sometimes host 10 minute lightning meetings with the GitLab CXO(s) in attendance. We do this to facilitate many interactions with our leadership in a short amount of time.


Space considerations

Things to consider

How to add events to

In an effort to publicly share where people can find GitLab at events in person throughout the world, we have created This page is to be updated by the person responsible for the event. To update the page, you will need to contribute to the event master.yml. If you need more information about our exact involment in an specific event please visit the marketing project in and search the name of the event for any realted issues. The "Meta" issue should include the most thorough and high level details about each event we are participating in. Place your event in the order in which it is happening. The list runs from soonest to furthest in the future. Save event images and headers here: Save images for featured events here

Details to be included (all of which are mandatory in order for your MR to pass the build):


- topic: The Best DevOps Conference Ever
  type: Conference
  date: January 1 - 3, 2050
  date_ends: January 3, 2050 # Month DD, YYYY
  description: |
               The Best DevOps Conference Ever brings together the best minds in the DevOps land. The conference consists of 3 full days of DevOps magic, literally magic. Attendees will have the opportunity to partake in fire talks and moderated sessions. This is one you won’t want to miss.
  location: Neverland, NVR
  region: APAC
  social_tags: DEVOPS4LIFE


- topic:

For featured events include:

    background: background/image/src/here.png

Creating an event specific landing page

All landing pages require the involvement of a Marketing Program Manager (MPM) as there are required steps to set up programs & tracking in both Marketo/Salesforce to correctly manage inbound submissions from the landing page.

For corporate tradeshows we will want to create an event specific page that links from the page. The purpose of this page is to let people know additional details about GitLab’s presence at the event, how to get in touch with us at the event, and conference sessions we are speaking in (if applicable).

For select Field Marketing events, that meet the critera below, a Marketo landing page is used instead of an events.yml created landing page. By doing this, the MPMs own the creation of these pages and they are the only ones who will have edit access to these pages.

When to specifically use a Marketo landing page vs. the events yml:

  1. This is an event owned by Field Marketing.
  2. The event cost the company less than $50,000 (or your country's equivalent).
  3. We will be driving traffic to the marketo landing page for less than 1.5 months.

Steps to take to create the new events.yml generated landing page:

  1. Create new a new branch of the www-gitlab-com project.. - Branch name should be what event you’ve added.
  2. From new Branch, navigate to Data, then to events.yml
  3. Scroll down to the area where its date appropriate to add the event
  4. Add event using instructions in handbook
  5. To create the event specific page you need to add a subset of the following information:


- topic: AWS re:Invent
  type: Conference
  date: December 2-6, 2019
  date_ends: December 6, 2019
  description: |
             AWS re:Invent 2019 is the Amazon Web Services annual user conference dedicated to cloud strategies, IT architecture and infrastructure, operations, security and developer productivity.
  location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
  region: AMER
  social_tags: AWSreInvent2019
  # Giving the following data will give this event it's own dedicated page on, must provide a unique url.
  # If it is text, it needs to be wrapped in "double quotes". This is so you can use characters like : and ' without breaking anything.
  url: aws-reinvent
  header_background: /images/blogimages/gitlab-at-vue-conf/cover_image.jpg
  header_image: /images/events/aws-reinvent.svg
  header_description: "Drop by our booth to see a demo and speak with our GitLab experts!"
  booth: "S1607"
      title: "Request a meeting!"
      description: "Let us show you how GitLab can impact your business."
      number: 1691
      success message: "Thank you for requesting to meet! We'll be in touch shortly with more information."
    - title: "Make sure to stop by the GitLab booth at AWS re:Invent!"
      body: "Speak with our experts and learn how GitLab simplifies your deployment pipeline to accelerate delivery by 200%. See a live demo, learn about our latest releases, and explore what’s on the roadmap for GitLab."
    - title: "Request a meeting"
      body: "Fill out the form to request a meeting with GitLab. We'll share how we can impact your business as a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. From project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security."
    - title: "Activities at AWS re:Invent"
        - text: "Register for our happy hour!"
          link: "#"
        - text: "Join our speaking sessions - see details below."
    - name: "Priyanka Sharma"
      title: "Director of Technical Evangelism"
      image: /images/team/priyankasharma-crop.jpg
      date: "Wednesday, May 22"
      time: "14:00 - 14:35"
      location: "Hall 8.0 F5"
      topic: "[The Serverless Landscape and Event Driven Futures]("
      description: "Serverless design patterns have grown in popularity amongst developers and enterprises alike and the ecosystem is exploding. Developers like moving faster by focusing on business logic without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Today, there are umpteen solutions and OSS projects in the market and the space needs some organization to maximize effort. There is a lot of curiosity and confusion around serverless computing. What is it? Who is it for? Is it a replacement for IaaS, PaaS, and containers? Does that mean the days of servers are over? The CNCF created the Serverless Working Group to explore the intersection of cloud native and serverless technology. The first output of the group was creation of serverless landscape. The landscape lists some of the more common/popular Serverless projects, platforms, tooling, and services."
    - name: "John Jeremiah"
      title: "Director, Product Marketing"
      image: /images/team/johnjeremiah-crop.jpg
      date: "June 12, Wednesday"
      time: "1:25 PM–1:45 PM"
      location: "Partner Pavilion"
      topic: "Accelerating Speed to Mission: A Digital Transformation"
      description: "Velocity and speed of execution determine the winners. The faster your software teams can deliver, the bigger your advantage. The traditional software development processes have multiple layers of friction, checkpoints, and bottlenecks, often making simple projects complex, expensive, and lengthy. One of the hardest parts of delivering software is keeping everyone aligned and focused. Teams waste time waiting for inputs, fixing mistakes, shifting from one tool to another, waiting for infrastructure, and maintaining complexly integrated toolchains; this all creates friction and slows innovation. It doesn't have to be slow, learn how to accelerate your software delivery and increase your mission velocity."


- topic:
  description: |

  # Giving the following data will give this event it's own dedicated page on, must provide a unique url.
  # If it is text, it needs to be wrapped in "double quotes". This is so you can use characters like : and ' without breaking anything.
      success message:
    - title:
    - title:
        - text:
        - text:
        - text:
    - name:
    - name:

Creating a Marketo Landing Page

  1. Go to Marketo and clone the template that matches your event type and follow the standard process for Marketo Program creation, SFDC sync, etc.
  2. Fill in tokens by clicking the Marketo program > My Tokens
  3. Click Landing Page in the Assets folder then click Edit Draft
  4. Click Landing Page Actions > Edit Page Meta Tags > change Robots field to index, follow
  5. Use the copy doc provided in the event Epic to create your page
  6. When the landing page is finished, click preview to ensure all tokens are filled and the page looks ready for event traffic. Click Preview Actions > Approve and Close. You may need to update a token field or remove if you still see tokens and not the associated text
  7. Update URL by clicking Landing Page Actions > URL Tools > Edit URL setting. New URL should reflect event name. (example…
  8. Edit any related emails, such as confirmation or sales alert and approve
  9. Review flow steps and activate related smart campaigns for lead routing
  10. Navigate to your Landing Page outside of Marketo and test the form. Ensure you receive confirmation email and alert (if applicable) and make sure your lead shows up in the Marketo campaign.
  11. Send link to event owner in Landing Page Issue for review and approval
  12. FMM should review the page for grammatical errors, event details, test the form, and provide feedback or approval
  13. Once approved by event owner, MPM add page to /events

Email Process for Events

Email Approval:

  1. MPM send yourself a test email and check that it is ready for DRI to review/approve
  2. If email is ready for DRI approval, Click 'print', select 'Save as PDF' as your destination. Click 'More settings' and check the Options box for Background graphics, then save file (example - 20191016_Roadshow_NYC_reminder).
  3. Add file to the description in your related issue (invitation-reminder or follow-up-email)
  4. MPM to @ mention the DRI to let them know the email has been created and is in the description
  5. DRI will review email for grammatical errors, event event details, remove any gendered language, and links and provide feedback and/or approval.
  6. DRI will provide @ MPM for any requested changes, and MPM will make update and follow the process again.

Speaking at events

If you’re looking for information about speaking at an events head over to our Corporate Marketing page for complete details.

Virtual Events