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Leadgen is responsible for executing marketing campaigns for GitLab. We define a campaign as any programmed interaction with a user, customer, or prospect. For each campaign, we will create a campaign brief that outlines the overall strategy, goals, and plans for the campaign.

Campaign Brief Process

To create a campaign brief, first start with the campaign brief template. Fill out all fields in the brief as completely as possible. Certain fields might not be applicable to a particular campaign. For example, an email nurture campaign leveraging text based emails won’t have a visual design component. This field can be left blank in that example.

Once the campaign brief is filled out, create an issue in the GitLab Marketing project and link to the campaign brief.

On the GitLab issue, make sure to:


Speaker Approval

The Lead Generation team depends on GitLab's subject matter experts to deliver webcast presentations. However, we must ensure that when we ask a speaker to participate on a webcast that the work is approved. Please use the following process when asking someone outside of marketing to participate on a webcast.

  1. Have an abstract of the content prepared before asking for a presenter.
  2. Send the abstract to both the proposed speaker and their manager to review. A speaker is not considered booked unless they have approval from their manager.
  3. Address and resolve any concerns regarding the abstract.
  4. Once the manager approves and the speaker accepts, you can move forward with the webcast.

Logistical set-up

  1. Create webcast in On24
    • Once the webcast is created, capture the Event ID from the overview page.
    • Make sure to turn off all email notifications within On24 as these will be handled by Marketo
    • Under the Registration tag, under Options, check the Enable Login Only Option
  2. Clone the most recent webcast in Marketo
    • Title the webcast in the following format: YYYYMMDD_{Webcast Title}. For example, 20170418_MovingToGit
    • On the webcast summary page, set the event partner with the following information:
      • Event Partner: ON24
      • Login: ON24
      • Event Id: The ID of the event from the On24 platform
  3. Update My Tokens at the webcast program level
    • Update the add to calendar tokens
      • Create an event in Google Calendar and copy the link from Publish Event
      • Update the information in the iCal and Outlook calendar files (these will be identical)
    • Update the event date and time
    • Update the email body with the description of the webcast
  4. Schedule the reminder emails
    • In the reminders folder, select each of the smart campaigns to send the emails
    • Under the Smart List tab, change the date of activity to not send the email if the user has registered for the webcast within the last 48 hours of when the email will send
    • Under the Schedule tab, schedule the email to go out at the appropriate time based on the smart campaign you are editing
  5. Edit the landing page to have the appropriate webcast description, date, and time.
  6. In On24, go to the Console Builder tab and edit the console to be GitLab branded and have all the requested widgets.