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Using Drift

Drift is a chat platform our Sales Development team uses to engage site visitors.

Drift requests & questions

Rules of engagement

Drift resources & training materials

Connect calendar and set hours

Set yourself to available or away

Chat notifications

Close or open a conversations

Marking a chat as a CQL

Sharing your calendar in chat

Drift routing

Drift is expected to mirror LeanData routing as closely as possible. If there is an exception it will be listed here as more complex routing is rolled out. Our goal is to only connect site visitors with their aligned resources in the SDR organization. This means site visitors during offline hours will be asked to schedule a meeting with their SDR.

Drift playbooks

| Type | Name | | :— | :— | | Online | 2020-02-19: Online known account welcome (ABM) | Online | 2020-02-19: Online catch all | Offline | 2020-02-19: Offline catch all

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