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Tool Uses

LeanData works within the Salesforce (SFDC) ecosystem and is primarily responsible for routing all record types (lead, contact, account and opportunity). Leveraging the advanced functionality with LeanData we are able to build and execute the Sales and Marketing Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy.

LEAD Routing Object

LEAD Workflow

Current as of 9 December 2019


New Lead Node

  1. Created by Admin = Records must be created by Sales Admin AND have Person Score < (greater than) 15 points.
    1. Minimum of 15 points means the records has interacted with at least one piece of content, is a known name or provided a company-domained Email.
  2. Company Missing? = if the Company field is empty or filled with a non-standard enrichment value the workflow will send to Standardize Company node.
    1. Accepted enrichable value is [[unknown]] OR blank.
    2. Any other value will render the field "filled" and enrichment solutions will not overwrite.
  3. Matched Account matches Company Name to any existing ACCOUNT with Salesforce (SFDC).
    1. If matched records advances to Route to Matched Account which will leverage the owner mapping functionality routing to the designated SDR.
    2. If ACCOUNT Owner is Invalid, Inactive or Sales Admin -> workflow will push record to Sales Segment node.
  4. Sales Segment - filter records based on segment (Large, Mid-market, SMB, Unknown), enriched on the SFDC record by our designated data sources. Explanation of how Sales Segment is determined can be found on the Business Ops Resource page
    1. If Large => Enterprise this will route and filter based on the pairings for the Enterprise level SDRs.
    2. If Mid-Market or SMB => Commercial this will further filter by Region then Sales Segment before ultimately routing to appropriate SDR team or Representative.
    3. If Unknown => progresses to next node.
  5. Employee Bucket - specific forms on our website & in-product ask for end user to self-select Number of Employees in their company. This is a tertiary data point and is only used to route when no other information is available on the record.
    1. If 2,000-9,999 or 10,000+ => Enterprise node which will further segment by Region and route to the correct Round Robin or Territory SDR.
    2. If 1-99, 100-499 or 500-1,999 => Commercial node which will further filter by Region then Sales Segment before ultimately routing to appropriate SDR team or Representative.
    3. If Unknown => routed to the SDR Queue
  6. SDR Queue is managed by SDR Leadership and they are responsible for routing the records to their respective teams for research and follow up.

Updated Lead Node

  1. Activated if Person Score value changes at any time.
  2. Score Update? will route the record if the Person Score is greater than or equal to 50 points AND if OwnerID is a system Administrator of any kind.
    1. If TRUE => Matched Account node
    2. If FALSE => LeanData will put them in a holding queue until the Person Score is updated again at which point LeanData will check criteria again.

==> Routing will then follow same path as New Lead flow starting at Step 3 above.

Monthly Updates

  1. Workflow updates are done on a MONTHLY basis to incorporate SDR changes
  2. Clone LIVE workflow
  3. DO NOT adjust the Owner Mappings until the day the workflow is to take effect

CONTACT Routing Object

Current as of 9 December 2019

ACCOUNT Routing Object

Current as of 12 December 2019

This workflow is not activated to run on a recurring basis. It only can be used on a one-time routing manual push at this time.

Territory Management

The Territory Management capability aims to help sales and marketing teams execute go-to-market strategies that seamlessly automate complex territory lead routing and distribution.

Version 1.0

Launched Version 1.0 of Territory Management for ACCOUNTS on 12 December 2019. Each of our three Segments (Large, Mid-Market and SMB) have a dedicated Territory spreadsheet which are only editable by the Sales & Marketing Operations teams.

Launched Version 1.0 of Territory Management for SDR on 20 December 2019. Each of the three Segments (Large, Mid-Market and SMB) have a dedicated Territory spreadsheet cloned from the above documents but modified to define OwnerID as an SDR or Round Robin matching the pairings.

LEAD Territory Management Append Workflow

A dedicated workflow was created to append the Territory Management data to specific fields on the LEAD object that would not interfere with the regular LEAD workflow that handles inbound LEAD flow.

Specific LeanData fields on the LEAD object in Salesforce related to Territory Management:

Follow our implementation process

Product Documentation

Advanced Functions

Owner Mapping

Extracted from LeanData:

Map an existing account owner to a new account team owner in LeanData Router for leads routed to matched accounts. This is typically used by organizations with account teams where SDRs first qualify leads for account exec owners.

The Sales Development team is responsible for qualification of all records both inbound/outbound.

Utilizing Owner Mapping an ACCOUNT owner (i.e. Strategic Account Leader (SAL)) can be mapped to a designated Sales Development Representative (SDR), which will route any matched records to the SDR for qualification before handing it off to a SAL.

The Owner Mapping functionality is leverated in the Route to Matched Account node of the LEAD workflow.

More information about Record Ownership.

Round Robin

Details TBA


Vacation Setting

When someone is scheduled to be out of office for any amount of time we are able to leverage the LeanData Vacation Setting to designate a temporary routing change. The need to manually route is limited assignment flow will automatically remove / re-add the person to the flows.

For assignment rules leveraging the round robin functionality, there must be at least ONE "active" member at all times.

Submit a Vacation

The Marketing Operations team are the only ones able to add or delete a vaction request. If you need to schedule and submit a vacation, please use the LeanData OOO issue template) within the Marketing Operations project.