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List Imports

The MktgOps team is responsible for importing records into Marketo for both field events and prospecting. List imports are processed in Marketo which has native matching by Email Address functionality.

Field event list uploads are to be done before any kind of follow up or outreach is done so we can ensure proper order of operations & attribution is given correctly.

There are three primary ways to import records into the database:

Import Method SLA Submission Instructions Operations Instructions
DiscoverOrg VisualForce w/in SFDC self-managed Instruction video how to do this Not applicable
csv file Accepted by OPS - 24 business hours

Upload to SFDC - up to 5 business days
Use MktgOPS general list import request template, format as a Google Sheet (Gsheet) & place link to Gsheet in issue

Written Instructions how to use template
Ad Hoc Upload
List from Field Event, Sposorship or Advertising Accepted & uploaded by OPS - 24 business hours Use MktgOPS event clean and upload issue template, format and clean csv per instruction & place link to Gsheet in issue

Written Instructions how to use template
Field Event Upload

Alliance Event Upload
List for Acceleration SDR Team TBD Template Instructions are WIP Acceleration Upload

If a last minute request, please open issue any way and ASK for a faster turnaround or ping OPS in #mktgops slack channel to discuss options.

The following data cleanup is required for any list prior to sending it to the Operations team. If your spreadsheet/data does not meet these guidelines it will returned to you to fix prior being uploaded.

Best Practices

  1. Account Name or Company Name needs to be consistent throughout the entire spreadsheet, please review to ensure that all members of a single company are the exact same including punctuation
    • Example: GitLab, Gitlab, gitlab - will create three different accounts when the list is uploaded to Salesforce
  2. Remove inaccurate entries
    • Title remove "self", "me", "n/a", etc
    • Phone remove obvious junk numbers 0000000000, 1234567890, etc
  3. Blank fields are better than junk data. We have enrichment tools that are designed to write to blank fields. Also we can run reports on the blank fields to find where our data gaps are.
  4. If you do not have a CONTACT Phone do not substitute the ACCOUNT Phone and vice versa. Leave it blank.
  5. Sort spreadsheet by Email Address and remove duplicates.
  6. Only records from authorized sources that have verifiable GDPR compliance will be flagged as GDPR Compliant.
    • Pulling list of names out of LinkedIn and importing the records into SFDC does not qualify as compliant. In EMEA these lists will not be uploaded
    • Field events that have not gained consent from the attendees that their name will be shared are not compliant.
    • Getting someone's name and/or business card from a meetup does not qualify as compliant.
  7. Remove all embargoed country records.
  8. Washington DC is a State value and is not to be split up between City State.
  9. Country and State values must be listed by their full name and not abbreviated.
  10. Zip Codes contain five (5) numbers, States in US East may start with a 0, make sure the Zip/Postal Code field is plain text and the leading 0 appears.

Import Cleaning Template

Use this template which uses formula fields to

Steps (also documented in How it Works sheet):

  1. Keep your data in the original export version so you can always check back on an untouched file
  2. Use the "DROP IT HERE" tab to drop your relevant data into the matching blue columns in the left-most rows (i.e. copy the column in your file for "First Name" and paste it in the column "First Name")
  3. Do not add or delete any columns that are present on the spreadsheet. The data must remain in the column order as presented.
  4. Do not touch any rows with the green column headers. These contain formulas that will reference your inputs and provide you with proper capitalization (see clarifications below for more detail), as well as data entry that is acceptable for Salesforce, and check the syntax of the email provided by your event organizer.
  5. Check for any ""warnings"" highlighted in red in the green columns - if there are none, you are good to go! (If there are highlighted cells, follow the instructions in the Warning Handling steps below. Correct the errors and then proceed.)
  6. Copy the columns with the green header and PASTE > VALUES into a new sheet of your original doc.
  7. Pass this to MktgOPS for next step in the list cleaning process.

Error Handling:

Video of how this works tbd.

Operations Upload Instructions

Field and Corporate Event Import


Booth Leads
Booth Leads - Received full attendee list
Webinar Leads
Speaking session leads
Public Sector Leads

Alliance Event Import

The Alliance list import follows the same guidelines as Field & Corporate event import instructions with the following addition.

  1. Follow the Field & Corporate Event Import instructions above.
  2. In Marketo, navigate to the static list file and Select All records.
  3. Under the Person Actions menu, navigate to Marketing -> Change Data Value
  4. In the lightbox, Attribute = Alliance Record / New Value = true -> then press **Run**
    • The Alliance Record checkbox activates:
      • Correct ownership assignment in LeanData
      • Suppression of records in general Marketing communication

Ad Hoc Import


Acceleration Team Monthly Import

The Acceleration Team has list import requests every month for their target patches. They presently are using a modified version of the Ad Hoc import template.

Key Differences

In Marketo & SFDC there are two programs/campaigns set up to handle these imports. If you are coordinating efforts with another Ops team member be sure to clarify who is using which program/campaign to avoid commingling of records.

Please do not make any changes to the programs, campaigns or related workflows without talking to MktgOps first.

Acceleration Upload - Ops 1
Acceleration Upload - Ops 2
  1. Verify that you have Edit access to all of the GSheets shared by the Acceleration team, if not ping the Sheet owner in the issue and request.
  2. Clean up list to remove any columns not needed, update Field Names to Marketo compatible values.
    • Sort list by Email Address -> remove any lines without Email Address provided (we do not upload any record w/o Email Address it is our unique identifier across all systems)
    • Sort list by Phone -> check to ensure all values are correct format (plain text, XXX-XXX-XXXX or (XXX) XXX-XXXX), if there is an extension it should be obvious its an extension with either an x or ext.
    • Sort list by Country -> if Country does not equal United States or Canada remove the value in State
    • Sort list by Billing Country -> if Billing Country does not equal United States or Canada remove the value in Billing State
    • Update State and Billing State values to be full name not abbreviation
    • Select all -> Data Remove duplicates -> check "Data has header row" -> only select Email Address field as the duplicate value to analyze
  3. Once list is clean in GSheet download as csv
  4. IMPORTANT make sure both the SFDC & Marketo list are entirely empty & program has NO members before starting import.
  5. In Marketo, update the Smart Campaign - Flow Step 6 Sync Person to SFDC. Assign to needs to match the list owner as the campaign will trigger as soon as the list is uploaded.
  6. Click on the List in List Actions menu click Import List
  7. In the lightbox that appears:
    • Select Browse: and choose the csv list you just downloaded
    • Leave all other dropdowns with default values
    • Select Next
    • Review the Marketo Field matches
      • If there are any --IGNORE-- use drop down to update selecting correct field, unless they are intentionally skipped
    • Select Next
    • Aquisition Program = Acceleration Upload - Ops 1 or Acceleration Upload - Ops 2 (we do not use Marketo Revenue Modeler but please fill in for accuracy)
    • Select Import
  8. Marketo import will be running and associated Smart Campaign will immediately trigger.
  9. Wait for the sync between Marketo<>SFDC to finished processing list
  10. In SFDC, the Responses in Campaign should MATCH the number of records uploaded into Marketo
  11. Use the Acceleration Upload LEAD and CONTACT views to verify:
    • Owner matches the Acceleration SDR owning the list
    • Person Source value is not blank &/or is set to DiscoverOrg
    • Status equals Raw if net new record
  12. From SFDC you will Import to Outreach
    • Select all records in SFDC
    • Click Import to Outreach button
    • Outreach Everywhere window will open - may ask to import records click "import" -> if errors see troubleshooting section
    • Select all records in Outreach Everywhere, if more than 50 you will need to click link to "apply to all"
    • Click the ... and select Add tag - first import you will need to paste requested tag from issue; all subsequent imports you can select the tag
    • Close window when done
  13. Repeat above step for all records in both views
  14. Navigate to new tab with Outreach open
  15. Click to Prospects and clear all default filters
  16. In left side menu, navigate to Tags and select the appropriate tag for that list
  17. Copy the Outreach URL and paste into the List Import issue.
  18. Repeat steps above for each list in the issue.