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User set-up instructions can be found here.


Sequences are one of the main features of Outreach. Users can create a series of touchpoints in order to communicate and automate their workflows. We currently have two types of sequences. Master and personal. Master sequences are created to be shared and used across teams. Personal are for your own use.

Naming convention for master sequences include the following:

Example: MASTER - HIGH - Just Commit - NORAM

When creating a new master sequence please tag marketing ops for QA review prior to enabling the sequence. Personal sequences do not need to be reviewed unless you wish to have an additional pair of eyes on it.

Sequence Settings

You may choose the best delivery schedule and ruleset applicable to your goals. You may choose whether or not others can see and use your sequence or if you would like to keep it private. All sequence must have Throttle's enabled. This helps to stagger the volume of prospects moving through a sequence at one time. It is necessary to help prevent users from hitting the email provider's mailing limits. If you have too much volume this may result in you being kicked out of your email inbox by our provider. Max adds per user every 24 hours are to be set up to 75. If you need to request special sequence settings please reach out to Marketing Operations with your use case.


Collections are an easy way to group sequences, snippets, and templates that get assigned to user groups for easier access. Examples associated to our SDR groups include our SDR Inbound 2019 and Tanuki Tribe collections. You may request new collections by opening an issue in the Marketing Operations Project.


Outreach Meetings Disposition Meaning/Scenarios
Correct Contact: Answered The correct contact actully picked up the phone and you had a conversation with the contact
Correct Contact: Left Message You were able to reach the voicemail for the correct contact and you left a message on their machine or with their Personal Assistant
Correct Contact: Not Answered/Other You were able to reach the correct contact through a company directory but it kept ringing. You reached the contacts voicemail but their voicemail was not set up so you could not leave a message
Busy Get a busy tone when calling
Bad Number The phone number is not valid
Incorrect Contact: Answered The wrong person answered the phone number that you had for this contact and it is the wrong persons phone number (They were not a personal assistant). They didn’t take a message for the correct person or give helpful information
Incorrect Contact: Left Message The wrong person answered the phone and it is the wrong persons phone number (They were not a personal assistant). They took a message for the correct person/gave you the correct number for the contact
Incorrect Contact: Not Answered/Other You got through to the voicemail but the voicemail was for someone other than the person who you were trying to contact. Or the person was not listed in the company directory and you were calling the companies main number

Sending Email Using Outreach

Outreach is not meant for mass communications nor bulk email sends it is intended for very targeted account and prospect communications. The Outreach platform is directly integrated to the GitLab Gmail account and each users email is linked through OAuth therefore all activity in Outreach has the potential to impact the IP reputation of the GitLab domain with all major email services providers.

As such there are sending limits built into the Outreach platform as well as limits put in place by Gmail itself.

Sending Limits