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Field Marketing

The role of field marketing is to support marketing messages at a regional level through in-person interactions (quality vs. quantity) coupled with multi-touch activities. Field Marketing programs are focused on relationship building with customers and prospect to support land and expand opportunities as well as pulling pipeline through the funnel more quickly.

Field Events

To find out what upcoming events GitLab and our resellers will be involved in please visit our Events Page. If you have any questions or an event suggestion for us please email

Field Event Goals

Event Lifecycle

Evaluating Potential Field Initiatives

Suggesting We Sponsor an Event
How We Decide Who Attends Which Events?

How do I get a contract reviewed and approved?

Where can I find out more about how to speak at an event?


Event Content/ Design

Event Outreach

Scheduling Onsite Meetings (pre event)
Event Operations Checklist Before Event
Promoting Events Social

At Events/ In the Field

Employee Booth Guidelines

Scanning Best Practices

Suggested Attire
Booth Set Up
Booth Staffing

Post Event

Event List
  1. List received by FMM from event organizers
  2. FMM reviews and cleans up list following the guidelines for list imports
  3. List is sent to Marketing OPS for upload to SFDC & associate to related Campaign (w/in 24hrs of receipt from event)
  4. Marketing OPS creates CONTACT view in SFDC; assigns records based on Territory ownership.
  5. Marketing OPS notifies MPM/FMM when the list has been uploaded so the Marketing follow up email can be sent
  6. Marketing OPS posts in the event Issue & on #sales/#sdrs_and_bdrs slack channel - a link to SFDC campaign and a ink to SDFC CONTACT view

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