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Email Marketing Calendar

The calendar below documents the emails to be sent via Marketo and Mailchimp for:

  1. event support (invitations, reminders, and follow ups)
  2. ad hoc emails (security, etc.)
  3. webcast emails (invitations, reminders, and follow ups)
  4. milestones for nurture campaigns (i.e. when started, changed, etc. linking to more details)

Note: emails in the future may be pushed out if timelines are not met for email testing, receiving lists from event organizers late, etc. The calendar will be updated if the email is pushed out. Please reference the MPM issue boards (described below on this page) to see progress of specific events/webcasts/etc.

Marketing Programs

Marketing Programs focuses on executing, measuring and scaling GitLab's marketing programs such as email campaigns, event promotions, event follow up, drip email nurture series, webinars, and content. Marketing programs also aim to integrate data, personas and content to ensure relevant communications are delivered to the right person at the right time.


Agnes Oetama

Jackie Gragnola

JJ Cordz

Each manager will also own process revamp (including issue template updates and email template design refresh) that falls within their area of resposibility.

Order of assignment for execution tasks:

  1. Primary responsible MPM
  2. Secondary MPM (if primary MPM is OOO or not available)
  3. Marketing OPS (if both MPMs are OOO or not available)

A visual of what happens when someone fills out a form on a landing page

How to read Marketing Programs issue boards

The visual below is a screenshot to demonstrate the information on how to understand the board.

The majority of issues in Jackie's board are related to conferences, field events, owned events, and gated content. The lists spanning the board move the issues from left to right in relation to their stage of the event prep (tracking, landing pages, invitations, reminder and follow up emails, list upload, and retrospective). You can search the page (ctrl+f) to find an issue and where it is in the process.

The majority of issues in Agne's board are related to webcasts, ad hoc emails, and nurture campaigns. It is also set up proceeding in steps sequentially from left to right.

Marketing Programs labels in GitLab

Requesting to "Gate" a Piece of Content

Below is an overview of the process for requesting to put a new piece of content (such as a whitepaper, guide, report, etc.) behind a "gate" aka form on the website.

A landing page with a form should never be created without the inclusion and testing by Marketing Programs and/or Marketing Ops.

Please contact Jackie Gragnola @jgragnola if you have any questions.

  1. TEMPLATE: Create a new issue using the Gated-Content-Request-MPM template
  2. NAME: The name of the issue should be Gate Resource: [official name of content]
  3. WIP: If the content is in planning state, include WIP: until the contents of the piece are determined.
  4. DETAILS: Fill in relevant details at the top of the issue (requester, type, official content name, and a link to citation policy for analysts)
  5. ASSIGN: This issue will be automatically assigned to Jackie, who will fill in due dates and alert the proper team members to the next steps needed
  6. WHEN APPROVED: Jackie will action (i.e. create campaigns, finance tags, set up, test, etc.).

Requesting Marketing Programs Support for a Field Event

Below is an overview of the process for requesting support for a conference, field event, or owned event. Please contact Jackie Gragnola @jgragnola if you have any questions.


The high-level steps are: 1) FMM creates meta issue of event details 2) Budget is approved and WIP is removed from issue 3) Jackie creates MPM Issue with all action items

Creating the Meta Issue of the Event

Event Channel Types

See full campaign progressions here

Requesting an Email

Process to request an email can be found in the Business OPS section of the handbook.

Primary party responsible for various email types can be determined using the table above.

Program logistical set up


Webcast program set up can be found in the Business OPS section of the handbook.


Creating the newsletter in Marketo

A day or two before the issue due date, create the newsletter draft. It's easiest to clone the last newsletter in Marketo:

  1. Go to Marketing Activities > Master Setup > Outreach > Newsletter & Security Release
  2. Select the newsletter program template YYYYMMDD_Newsletter Template, right click and select Clone.
  3. Clone to A Campaign Folder.
  4. In the Name field enter the name following the newsletter template naming format YYYYMMDD_Newsletter Name.
  5. In the Folder field select Newsletter & Security Release. You do not need to enter a description.
  6. When it is finished cloning, you will need to drag and drop the new newsletter item into the appropriate subfolder (Bi-weekly Newsletters, Monthly Newsletters or Quarterly Newsletters).
  7. Click the + symbol to the left of your new newsletter item and select Newsletter.
  8. In the menu bar that appears along the top of your screen, select Edit draft.

Editing the newsletter in Marketo

  1. Make sure you update the subject line.
  2. Add your newsletter items by editing the existing boxes (double click to go into them). It's best to select the HTML button on the menu bar and edit the HTML so you don't inadvertently lose formatting.
  3. Don't forget to update the dates in the UTM parameters of your links (including the banner at the top and all default items such as the "We're hiring" button).

Sending newsletter test/samples from Marketo

  1. When you're ready, select Email actions from the menu at the top, then Send sample to preview.
  2. Enter your email in the Person field, then in Send to you can add any other emails you'd like to send a preview too. We recommend sending a sample to the newsletter requestor (or rebecca@ from the content team for marketing newsletters) for final approval.
  3. When you are satisfied with the newsletter, select Approve and close from the Email actions menu.

Sending the newsletter

  1. When the edit view has closed, click on the main newsletter item in the left-hand column.
  2. In the Schedule box, enter the send date and select Recipient time zone if the option is available.
  3. Make sure Head start is checked too.
  4. In the Approval box, click on Approve program.
  5. Return to the newsletter issue and leave a comment telling requestor (@rebecca from the content team for marketing newsletters) to double check all has been set up correctly. Close the issue when this is confirmed.