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Marketing Programs

Marketing Programs focuses on executing, measuring and scaling GitLab's marketing programs such as email campaigns, event promotions, event follow up, drip email nurture series, webinars, and content. Marketing programs also aim to integrate data, personas and content to ensure relevant communications are delivered to the right person at the right time.


Agnes Oetama Jackie Gragnola JJ Cordz (temporary until new lead routing rule is determined)
Webcast Project Management/Set-up/Promotion/Follow-up Field Event Support (Exclude List Upload) List Upload from Field Events
Ad-Hoc Emails (For Example - security alert emails, package/pricing changes) Drip email campaigns (email nurturing)
Bi-weekly newsletter review Gating Assets (not including on-demand webcasts)


Order of assignment for execution tasks:

Requesting an Email

Process to request an email can be found in the Business OPS section of the handbook.

Primary party responsible for various email types can be determined using the table above.