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Inbound BDR Handbook


You will be assigned an onboarding issue by Peopleops. Tasks in the issue will fill up the majority of your first week. This is a step by step guide/checklist to getting everything in your arsenal set up, such as equipment, tools, security, and your account. These todo’s provide you with the fundamentals.

In addition to your onboarding issue, you will follow the BDR Onboarding Schedule here.

BDR Standards

Other measurements

BDRs will also be measured on the following:

Note, while important, the above measurements do not impact your quota attainment. Your main focus will be achieving your SAO quota.

BDR Process

BDR & BDR Team Lead

Formal Weekly 1:1

Inbound Workflow


3 X 3 X 3

Three things in three minutes about the:



Company Website


Email Prospecting

Structuring a Prospecting Email

Call Prospecting

Structuring a Prospecting Call

Warm Discovery Calls

Purpose: To qualify leads faster and more accurately (Sales Acceptance Criteria) than in an email exchange.

Process: In your reply message to setup/initiate a call, ask a few of your normal BDR questions to prep for the call. To save a step in emails include your Calendly link so leads may schedule the call directly.

“Hi (lead name), this is (BDR) from GitLab. How are you today?”

“Great, is now still a good time to talk about (primary issue)?”

After you’ve established the conversation is good to move forward, ask questions and guide the conversation in a way that enables the lead to tell you what their issue/problem is while also providing answers to the sales acceptance criteria. Your primary role is to gather information, and decide more appropriately how to provide assistance and/or qualify the lead for a call with an AE.

“Great (lead name), thank you for sharing that information. I have a better feel now for how to move forward with your request/issue. I’m going to follow-up with an email recapping what we discussed, send over that documentation I promised and get you in touch with (account executive)”


Your goal is to generate Sales Accepted Opportunities (SAOs) by gathering all pertinent information needed for an Account Executive to take action. Some examples of sales qualification questions can be found here.


Variable Compensation Guidelines

Full-time Inbound BDRs have a significant portion of their pay based on performance and objective attainment. Performance based "bonuses" are based on quota attainment.

Actions for obtaining results will be prescribed and measured, but are intentionally left out of bonus attainment calculations to encourage experimentation. Inbound BDRs will naturally be drawn to activities that have the highest yield, but freedom to choose their own daily activities will allow new, higher yield activities to be discovered.

Guidelines for Bonuses