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Your Role

As an Outbound Sales Development Representative (SDR), you will be responsible for one of the most difficult and important parts of growing a business: outbound prospecting. You play a crucial role that helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing. You will be tasked with generating sales accepted opportunities, within our large and strategic account segments.

Working with Account Executives

Account Executives (AEs) receive support from the Outbound SDR team. Meeting cadence consist of the following:

Additional ad-hoc meetings may be scheduled in addition to the above.

AEs have direct impact on the Outbound SDR's success. Forming a strong relationship with the AEs and SALs you support, and acting as a single integrated account team will play a crucial role in obtaining quota each month. The AEs and SALs you work with will know a lot about the accounts you are prospecting into, so be sure to be in regular communication to ensure you are as effective as possible.

Who to call

You should be looking for contacts within your accounts with IT leadership and application development leadership responsibilities. This can be senior technical individual contributors such as software architects, or leaders in the organization's IT department all the way up to a CIO or CTO.


Your quota is based solely on SAOs. Think of the 1% commission on opportunities you source that a sales person subsequently closes and wins as an added bonus.

There is an accelerator for SDRs who deliver over their SAO quota. The accelerator only applies to SAOs; the 1% commission on closed won business is not eligible. Your commission is calculated as follows:

Outbound SDR created opps This is the report that GitLab leadership uses to see all the Outbound SDR created opportunities. If you believe an opportunity you sourced is not reflected in our reporting, notify your manager.

Other measurements

SDR's will also be measured on the following:

Note, while important, the above measurements do not impact your quota attainment. Your main focus will be achieving your SAO quota.

Other expectations

Referring people to the SDR team

Know someone who works at a company with at least 750 technical employees? Please introduce them to a Sales Development Representative Lead. When an SDR receives an introduction, they will respectfully ask the person that was introduced to them if they would be willing to point them to any people who are responsible for evaluating or selecting SCM, CI/CD, application monitoring, and/or software project management solutions. This approach helps ensure we're talking to the right people, and helps reduce the time it takes to identify the people within a company who would be best suited to hear about how GitLab can help their organization ship better software, faster.

You can use the following text to make an introduction over email:

Hi {contact.first.name},

My colleague {sdr.lead.first.name} has been trying to find people responsible for evaluating and selecting SCM and CI/CD solutions at {contact.organization}. Could you do me a favor and point them in the right direction? They would be asking to schedule a quick call to discuss the possibility of using GitLab at {contact.organization}. Thank you, I appreciate your help.