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Product Marketing

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What does product marketing do at GitLab?

Product marketing is GitLab's interface to the market. The market is made up of customers, analysts, press, thought leaders, competitors, etc. Product marketing enables other GitLab teams such as Sales, Marketing, and Channel with narrative, positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategy to go outbound to the market. Product marketing does market research to gather customer knowledge, analyst views, market landscapes, and competitor intelligence providing marketing insights inbound to the rest of GitLab.

Responsibilities of the product marketing team at GitLab include:

Which product marketing manager should I contact?

Customer facing presentations

Marketing decks linked on this page are the latest approved decks from Product Marketing that should be always be in a state that is ready to present. As such there should never be comments or WIP slides in a marketing deck. If you copy the deck to customize it please give it a relevant title, for example include the name of the customer and an ISO date.

What is Product marketing team working on?


Release vs launch

A product release, and a marketing launch are two separate activities. The canonical example of this is Apple. They launch the iPhone at their yearly event and then release it months later. At GitLab we do it the other way: Release features as soon as they are ready letting customers use them right away, and then, do a marketing launch later when we have market validation.

Release Launch
PM Led PMM Led
New features can ship with or without marketing support Launch timing need not be tied to the proximity of when a feature was released


Demos help show the value GitLab can bring to customers. Go to the Demo page to see what's available and get more info.

Competitive intelligence

Go to the Competitive intelligence page.

Sales enablement

Go to the Sales Enablement page.

Company pitch presentation deck

The Pitch Deck contains the GitLab narrative and pitch.

SDR presentation deck

The SDR deck is a condensed version of the company pitch deck. It copies linked slides from the pitch deck (so they can stay in sync.) SDR Managers own responsibility for keeping the deck in sync.

This deck can be used on occasions where the SDRs feel they should or could prequalify a prospect before setting a discovery meeting with the SAL. This could for example be someone who isn't our typical target persona but who might have an interest in what we do.

GitLab security capabilities pitch presentation deck

The Security Deck introduces GitLab's position and capabilities around security. It covers why better security is needed now and how GitLab provides that better security in a more effective manner than traditional tools. This deck should be used when talking to prospects who are asking about how GitLab can help them better secure their software via GitLab Ultimate.

Company pitch deck change process Only the PMM team and CMO have write access to the marketing decks. Changes, comments, and additions should be made via this process:

  1. Create a google slide deck with the slide(s) you want to update
  2. Create an issue in the marketing issue tracker
  3. Add a reason for the proposed changes in the description
  4. Label the issue with "Product Marketing"

Discussion takes place in the issue and revisions are made on the slide until it is ready to move to the marketing deck. When it is ready, a PMM will move the slide into the marketing deck and close the issue.

The following list of print collateral is maintained for use at trade shows, prospect and customer visits. The GitLab marketing pages should be downloaded as PDF documents if a print copy for any marketing purposes is needed.

Partner marketing

Partner marketing objectives

For a list of Strategic Partners, search for "Partnerships" on the Google Drive.

Partner marketing activation

Our partner activation framework consists of a series of action items within a high-level issue. When a strategic partnership is signed, Product Marketing will choose the issue template called partner-activation which will trigger notification for all involved in partner activation activities.

For each action item within this issue, a separate issue should be created by the assignee who is responsible for that action item within the allocated timeframe.

The partner should be included on the high level issue so they can see the planned activities and can contribute.

Partner newsletter feature

In line with the objective of "Promote existing partnerships to be at top-of-mind for developers", a regular feature in our fortnightly (8th & 22nd) newsletter will promote our partners to our target audience. This feature should be co-authored by the partner.

Possible content:

Suggested format:


Email potential partner with case for creating content/blog post which will feature in our newsletter. Also request that they include the content in their own newsletter.

Create separate issue for blog post in www-gitlab-com project with blog post label and assign to Content Marketing with the following information:

After publication: Send to partner a summary of the click-throughs to their website, registration for webinar etc.

Channel marketing

Channel marketing objectives

Reseller funds allocation determination

Speaker Abstracts

To encourage reuse and collaboration, we have a shared folder of past abstracts for different speaking events.