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Product Marketing

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Product marketing at GitLab

Product marketing department at GitLab includes the following teams

Product Marketing Technical Marketing Partner Marketing Competitive Intelligence Market Research and Customer Refereneces
  1. Product marketing team
  2. Technical marketing team
  3. Partner marketing team
  4. Channel marketing team
  5. Competitive intelligence team
  6. Market research and customer insight team

What does Product Marketing do at GitLab

Product marketing is GitLab's interface to the market. The market is made up of customers, analysts, press, thought leaders, competitors, etc. Product marketing enables other GitLab teams such as Sales, Marketing, and Channel with narrative, positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategy to go outbound to the market. Product marketing does market research to gather customer knowledge, analyst views, market landscapes, and competitor intelligence providing marketing insights inbound to the rest of GitLab.

Product marketing functions

Key content created by Product Marketing

Product marketing creates many types of content for communicating and positioning GitLab for multiple audiences. Some of the different kinds of content produced by Product Marketing are listed below.

Product marketing functions

Some key resources

Customer facing presentations

Marketing decks linked on this page are the latest approved decks from Product Marketing that should be always be in a state that is ready to present. As such there should never be comments or WIP slides in a marketing deck. If you copy the deck to customize it please give it a relevant title, for example include the name of the customer and an ISO date.

To request updates to these decks see requesting help from the strategic marketing department

Key Demos

Click through Demos

The following list of print collateral is maintained for use at trade shows, prospect and customer visits. The GitLab marketing pages should be downloaded as PDF documents if a print copy for any marketing purposes is needed.

Speaker Abstracts

To encourage reuse and collaboration, we have a shared folder of past abstracts for different speaking events.

Product marketing - team specific planning and reporting resources

Other useful resources to help your productivity

Requesting Product marketing team help/support

All Product Marketing Work is tracked and managed as issues in the Product Marketing Project. If you need support from the team, the simple process below will enable us to support you.

  1. Open an issue and select the A-PMM-Support-Request template and fill in what you know.
  2. Triage and assignment. The PMM team will prioritize and assign team members to support your requests.
  3. If you need more immediate attention please send a message with a link to the issue you created in the #product-marketing slack channel. Add an @reply to the PMM responsible or you can ping the team with @pmm-team.

Product marketing request review and assignment flow (note: the label sm_request indicates a request for Strategic Marketing support)

  1. New requests start with the label sm_req::new_request
  2. Requests are then reviewed, prioritized, and then either
    1. Triaged to one of the Strategic Marketing teams (PMM,TMM, Competitive, Partner, AR, ro Cust Ref) sm_req::triage and the team label who is working the issue.
    2. Defered as a backlog item sm_req::backlog for future review
    3. Declined as not relevant sm_req::declined
  3. The relevant team will review the request and assign it to a team member for action sm_req::assinged
  4. When complete, the team member will update the issue with sm_req::completed

The SM Request Board tracks status of requests

Sales and partner enablement

Product Marketing Managers serve as subject matter experts and conduct sales trainings scheduled by the Sales Training team. For for info go to the Sales Enablement page.