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Competitive Intelligence

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Competitive Intelligence at GitLab

Competitive intelligence is the action of monitoring, gathering, analyzing and sharing intelligence about competitors, products, customers.

At Gitlab, one of our core values is transparency.

Transparency ensures that anyone looking for a true end-to-end DevOps solution can compare us to any tool on the market, giving them the ability to make realistic and unbiased decisions for their DevOps strategy. Gitlab believes that transparency of competititve intelligence creates a well informed customer and gives teams the information to be successful during their DevOps journey.

Competitive Cards

Market analysis

DevOps Tools

GitLab exists in an ecosystem of DevOps tools and might need to interact with any number of these tools. Many have over-lapping capabilities, but that does not mean that we necessarily directly compete with them. A user would need to patch together multiple solutions from this list in order to get all the functionality that is built-in to GitLab as a single application for end-to-end DevOps. Other places that list tools in various DevOps categories include CA, XebiaLabs, and CNCF.

Before a tool shows up on the GitLab DevOps tools web page and the homepage, check the GitLab internal partner spreadsheet for the partnership status. If the tool is on the partner spreadsheet, reach out to Brandon Jung to confirm our partnership status and how they should be depicted on the DevOps tools web page.

Whom should I contact for competitive intelligence?