Competitive Marketing

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What is competitive marketing?

A function of product marketing is to perform market analysis and gather competitive intelligence to better position GitLab in our go-to-market efforts.

Competitor list

Here is a list of products that have offerings in various product categories. A user would need to patch together multiple solutions from this list in order to get all the functionality that is built-in to GitLab as a single application for end-to-end DevOps. Other places that list tools in various DevOps categories include CA, XebiaLabs, and CNCF

Project management

Issue Tracking

Issue Boards

Portfolio Management

Service desk

Source code management

Code Review



Continuous Integration

Container Registry

Continuous Delivery/Deployment

Infrastructure Configuration

Application Performance Monitoring

Security Testing

License Management

BizOps Tools

Meltano is a separate product that isn't part of GitLab. Here's a list of BizOps tools. Other lists include cloud native ETL tools, and the Meltano README.