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Content Mission

Our content mission is to create a shared space where modern developers and decisions makers find and share useful information, advice, resources, and inspiration for becoming better distributed and collaborative development teams.

For every piece of content we share the goal should be to make an individual or a team better. To achieve this we should empathize with our audience, thinking about who the content is for and how it will help. We should aim to share both the "how-to" and "the why it matters" in our content. We should strive to make takeaways clear and actionable.

Content Persona

GitLab is a classic oversharer of ideas, opinions, and experiences that help better the community. We think of GitLab's voice as human, empathetic, light-hearted, and opinionated yet humble. We share our point of view and opinions but do not forget to provide context and ask for other opinions.

Things you can expect GitLab to overshare on:

2016 activities

Q3 Content Pillars

Non-GitLab Specific

GitLab Specific

What is the webcast program at GitLab?

Uploading video files to the GitLab YouTube channel

Monthly Program

This program is in development. For the first month, January, we'll start with one webcast, then add another and build up to the full schedule.

Welcome to GitLab - 20 mins (coming soon!)

Release Party - 30 - 40 mins

GitLab Tutorials - 40 mins - 1 hour

Delivering Webcasts

Pre-webcast checklist

During the webcast

Post webcast