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Common Interview questions

Interview Questions: (Select the questions we should ask)

Why GitLab

What if

Feedback on GitLab

Impact of GitLab

Value Driver 1 - Increasing Operational Efficiencies

Value Driver 2 - Deliver Better Products Faster

Value Driver 3 - Reduce Security and Compliance Risk

Impact metrics of using GitLab

Customer Use Case Questions

Version Control & Collaboration (VC&C)/Source Code Management (SCM)

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Development, Security, and Operations (DevSecOps)

Agile Project Management (Agile)

Simplify Development Operations / End to End DevOps (DevOps)

Cloud Native Approach to Applications Development (CloudNative)

Infrastructure as Code (GitOps)

Deployment Strategy Questions

Education Program Customers

Open Source Program Customers

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