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About Demos

There are 3 basic demos types:

These demos come in different formats:


GitLab Overview - Planning to Monitoring (11.3) (Oct 2018)

2018 Vision Prototype (Feb 2018)

Auto DevOps in GitLab 11.0 (June 2018)

GitLab VSM - Issue Boards for Mapping (June 2018)

GitLab VSM - Business Value Monitoring (June 2018)

GitLab for the Enterprise (Feb 2018)


Click-through demos can be run in multiple ways:

Auto DevOps - Run (Oct 2018 - 11.3)

G-slides file

Auto DevOps - Setup (Oct 2018 - 11.3)

G-slides file

Auto DevOps (in 3 minutes) (Juy 2018 - 11.0)

G-slides file Booth Demo Auto Play link

Security Capabilities (May 2018 - 11.0)

G-slides file

Live (instructions)

Planning to Monitoring (formerly i2p)

Highlights GitLab’s single platform for the complete DevOps lifecycle, from idea to production, through issues, planning, merge request, CI/CD, and monitoring.

CI/CD Deep Dive

Provides a more in-depth look at GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

Integration Demos

Demonstrations which highlight integrations between GitLab and common tools such as Jira issues and Jenkins pipelines.