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About Demos

There are 3 basic demos types:

These demos come in different formats:


GitLab Overview - Planning to Monitoring (11.3) (Oct 2018)

How to set up GitLab groups and projects to run multiple Agile teams with microservices (11.7) (Jan 2019)

SAFe and Agile Planning with GitLab (11.7) (Jan 2019)

2018 Vision Prototype (Feb 2018)

Auto DevOps in GitLab 11.0 (June 2018)

GitLab VSM - Issue Boards for Mapping (June 2018)

GitLab VSM - Business Value Monitoring (June 2018)

GitLab for the Enterprise (Feb 2018)


Click-through demos can be run in multiple ways:

Secure Capabilities (March 2019 - 11.8)

G-slides file

Auto DevOps - Run (Oct 2018 - 11.3)

G-slides file

Auto DevOps - Setup (Oct 2018 - 11.3)

G-slides file

Auto DevOps (short, guided) (July 2018 - 11.0)

G-slides file
Booth Demo Auto Play link

Secure Capabilities (short, guided) (March 2019 - 11.8)

G-slides file
Booth Demo Auto Play link

Live (instructions)

Planning to Monitoring (formerly i2p)

Highlights GitLab’s single platform for the complete DevOps lifecycle, from idea to production, through issues, planning, merge request, CI/CD, and monitoring.

CI/CD Deep Dive

Provides a more in-depth look at GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

Integration Demos

Demonstrations which highlight integrations between GitLab and common tools such as Jira issues and Jenkins pipelines.