Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Training Playlist

You can watch previous GitLab sales enablement training sessions on YouTube. Also, here is a link to a deprecated document with more historical training sessions and recordings. Both direct sales and channel sales training are part of the same playlist. We place the recordings of our training on YouTube so that everyone can access. We love everyone to contribute including:

Enablement pages

Upcoming Training

To see what training is coming soon view the Sales Enablement issue board

To request new sales enablement sessions

Team Calendar and Enablement

Team Calendar edit access (either you need it or you need to know who does) Because we need to update the enablement invitation with the zoom link before the enablement starts, either you or some on the team needs to have access to the GitLab team calendar to EDIT and update events. Currently Ashish, John, and Jennifer have edit access. See (Team Meetings)[]

XDR (BDR/SDR) Coaching

In order to provide frequent feedback and coaching to the BDR/SDR team, weekly coaching/enablement sessions are hosted where the XDR team is able to ask questions about specific topics they are encountering with their customers. These coaching sessions are driven based on demand from the team and are interactive to help grow skills, awareness and knowledge about the IT and software delivery challenges that enterprise customers are facing.

XDR Coaching Notes/Topics

Establishing the XDR Coaching program

First meeting - AMA to set the stage and get organized


Proposed Recurring Agenda:

Requesting future discussion topics:

To requst discussion topics and/or to see future topics see the XDR Coaching issue board

Potential Resources:

LiveStream Enablement Setup Instructions

Sales Enablement is recorded in zoom and then the presentation portion is posted on YouTube. The recording is stopped to allow for open questioning during the session. Once the event is live, it can be viewed here on [YouTube GitLab] !(/images/handbook/marketing/product-marketing/Youtube-ViewEvent.png).