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Sales Enablement

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Sales Enablement

Upcoming training

To see what training is coming soon view the Sales Enablement issue list sorted by date.

Sales Resources

Vist the Sales resources page to find the one page that links all of the most relevant sales collateral.

Get an invite to the weekly session

To get a calendar invite to the weekly Sales Enablement session make sure you are added to the one of the following email groups.

You can fill out an access request to request access to the email group. These groups are invited to the meeting so that each individual person does not need an invite.

Training Playlist

There are a few places to see previous Sales Enablement sessions:


Pulblic vs Private

Some enablement sessions, typically those that focus on industry or technical product knowledge, are made public including the Q&A.

Other sessions may focus on topics like competitive analysis or openly discussing customers are kept private.

At the start of every session, and before moving into Q&A the facilitator will announce to the audince if the call is public or private.

Enablement pages

To request new sales enablement sessions

Scheduling trainings

Enablement calendar

Sales enablement sessions are scheduled on the Product Marketing calendar so that everyone on the PMM team has the ability to edit the calendar event.

How to conduct a sales enablement training



The moderator should serve as the host of the call and overall wingperson for the presenter. The moderator monitors chat to raise questions to the presenter and searches for links that are mentioned on the call to make sure they get linked in the handbook page for the training.

Hello and welcome to today's sales enablement session. As a reminder we'll be posting this session to YouTube. Please remember to not share any private info such as the names of non-refreenceable customers.

For today's GitLab sales enablement training we are pleased to have <speaker name> to talk to use about <topic>. With that I'd like to pass it over to <speaker name>

XDR (BDR/SDR) Coaching

In order to provide frequent feedback and coaching to the BDR/SDR team, weekly coaching/enablement sessions are hosted where the XDR team is able to ask questions about specific topics they are encountering with their customers. These coaching sessions are driven based on demand from the team and are interactive to help grow skills, awareness and knowledge about the IT and software delivery challenges that enterprise customers are facing.

XDR Coaching Notes/Topics

Establishing the XDR Coaching program

First meeting - AMA to set the stage and get organized


Proposed Recurring Agenda:

Requesting future discussion topics:

To requst discussion topics and/or to see future topics see the XDR Coaching issue board

Potential Resources: