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Keeping Yourself Informed

Communications within Strategic Marketing

As a distributed organization, GitLab and our Strategic Marketing department and teams use asynchronous, transparent, frequent, and multimodal communication to keep ourselves informed.

Our most important communication channels are issues, boards, and GitLab itself, followed by this handbook, Slack, Zoom, and other tools. See the general GitLab Communication page and Tools and Tips for more information.

Below are the parts of GitLab and Slack that are used most in Strategic Marketing.

GitLab trackers, boards, handbook, etc.

Copy in from /product-marketing.

Slack channels

GitLab has more Slack channels than users—at last count, 1,492 public channels for 1,069 weekly active users.

These lists will make it a little easier to get started. They are arranged as general to GitLab, specific to Strategic Marketing, then a few more recommendations and some just for fun, before sharing a few Slack pro-tips.

Reminder: Slack data are only retained for 90 days. If you share, discover, or decide something important there, ensure it has a permanent place in our handbook, product docs, etc. and read the general handbook section for Slack guidelines.


Read all of

Strategic Marketing

You're up to date if you catch up in GitLab, make meetings or see notes, and depending on your team, catch up with:

Have some fun

Slack hacks

Don't miss the critical handbook section with Slack guidelines. We also recommend: