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Partner Marketing

Partner marketing at GitLab

For a list of Strategic Partners, search for "Partnerships" on the Google Drive.

Partner marketing activation

Our partner activation framework consists of a series of action items within a high-level issue. When a strategic partnership is signed, Partner Marketing will choose the issue template called partner-activation which will trigger notification for all involved in partner activation activities.

For each action item within this issue, a separate issue should be created by the assignee who is responsible for that action item within the allocated timeframe.

The partner should be included on the high level issue so they can see the planned activities and can contribute.

Partner newsletter feature

In line with the objective of "Promote existing partnerships to be at top-of-mind for developers", a regular feature in our fortnightly (8th & 22nd) newsletter will promote our partners to our target audience. This feature should be co-authored by the partner.

Possible content:

Suggested format:


Email potential partner with case for creating content/blog post which will feature in our newsletter. Also request that they include the content in their own newsletter.

Create separate issue for blog post in www-gitlab-com project with blog post label and assign to Content Marketing with the following information:

After publication: Send to partner a summary of the click-throughs to their website, registration for webinar etc.

Who should I contact in partner marketing?