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Gartner Peer Insights - Enterprise Agile Planning Tools

  • DevOps without the overhead , DevOps Manager, Manufacturing, 3B - 10B USD, United States
  • Simple, intuitive, and efficient DevOps lifecycle tool , CTO, Services, <50M USD, India
  • GitLab allowed us to streamline our design, create, and deployment processes , CTO, Manufacturing, 50M - 250M USD,
  • The breadth of capabilities enables us to significantly reduce the number of tools needed , Head of DevOps Tools & Methodology, Services, 250M - 500M USD,
  • We can use this single application for the entire software development process , Engineer, Manufacturing, 50M - 250M USD,
  • Collaboration is very important in our organization, and GitLab makes it possible , Data and Analytics, Energy and Utilities, 10B - 30B USD, North America
  • GitLab has change the way we develop software. Our users are embracing modern development practices and collaborating more across teams. , Software Engineer, Transportation, 3B - 10B USD,
  • GitLab is easy for code sharing, an enhancement to the process so that everyone can be transparent , Manager, Manufacturing, 1B - 3B USD, North America and Asia/Pacific
  • GitLab increases engineering productivity , Senior Engineering Director, Services, 30B+ USD, United States
  • Makes you highly efficient while developing software with big group of people , R&D/Product Development, Services, 50M - 250M USD,
  • Best tool to perform code review in an easy and effective way... to increase the quality of the product delivery and make development process more efficient. , IT Consultant, Services, <50M USD,
  • Allows me to keep track of the status of my project and to work in teams with my colleagues. , Software Development System Integrator, Services, <50M USD, Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • GitLab issue boards allowed us to move back into a digital space... unifying development tools , Software Engineer Team Lead, Transportation, 500M - 1B USD, United States
  • Provides developers and managers a concise overview of progress, versioning, and current status of a project , Product Management/Marketing, Transportation, 30B + USD, North America and Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • Not only great for version control, but also for project management , Infrastructure and Operations, Services, 10B - 30B USD, North America
  • Git throughout the project development lifecycle , Software Developer, Manufacturing, <50M USD, Asia/Pacific
  • Our developers do not have to mind shift between coding and tracking their work. Having the source code available next to planning boards makes the shift that much simpler. , Manager, DevOps Cloud, Media, 1B - 3B USD,
  • GitLab is an amazing solution with a very fast paced feature release cycle. They are great at listening to our feedback and incorporate in future roadmaps. , VP of Engineering, Services, <50M USD,
  • Amazing repository manager based on git that allows to store the repository in any server that, if well implemented can ensure a more secure application. , Web Developer, Services, <50M USD,
  • Secure and scalable solution , IT Engineer, Services, 50M - 250M USD, India
  • Fast, secure, and easy to integrate , IT Application Developer, Services, <50M USD, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • Gartner Peer Insights - Application Release Orchestration Tools

  • One of the best DevOps lifecycle tools , Applications, Education, 500M - 1B USD, Asia/Pacific
  • GitLab helps us to control all the processes of our workflow... reducing the overhead we get with managing different tools. , IT Project Manager, Retail, 30B + USD, North America
  • Efficient source code management with GitLab , Project Manager, Services, 50M - 250M USD, North America
  • GitLab makes development streamlined , Software Developer, Education, 250M - 500M USD, Asia/Pacific
  • GitLab, the central hub of DevOps. This is an overall application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, which is amazing. , Business Analyst, Services, 50M - 250M USD,
  • Taking CI/CD to the next level via "pipeline as code" paradigm , DevOps Engineer, Retail, <50M USD, Asia/Pacific
  • Excellent tools for DevSecOps initiative , Security Consultant, Services, <50M USD, Asia/Pacific

  • G2 Crowd Reviews - Version Control Hosting Software

  • Powerful team collaboration tool for managing software development projects , Information Technologist, Services, Enterprise (10,001+ employees),
  • GitLab is a great application for the full development cycle , Computer & Network Security, Services, Enterprise (10,001+ employees),
  • Perfect solution for cloud and on-premises DevOps , Lead Developer, , Mid-Market (201-500 employees),
  • Great self-hosted open-source source control system , Administrator, Biotechnology, Mid-Market (51-200 employees),
  • Efficient, can trace back, easy to collaborate , Industry Analyst / Tech Writer, Market Research, Small-Business (11-50 employees),